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Full Fathom Five: A Novel of the Craft Sequence

Max Gladstone · Tor Books; First Edition edition
Format: Hardcover

On the island of Kavekana, Kai builds gods to order, then hands them to others to maintain. Her creations arent conscious and lack their own wills and voices, but they accept sacrifices, and protect their worshippers from other gods--perfect vehicles for Craftsmen and Craftswomen operating...
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Dangerous Women

George R. R. Martin · Tor Books; 1ST edition
Format: Hardcover

All new and original to this volume, the 21 stories in Dangerous Women include work by twelve New York Times bestsellers, and seven stories set in the authors' bestselling continuities-including a new "Outlander" story by Diana Gabaldon, a tale of Harry Dresden's world...
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Highfell Grimoires

Langley Hyde · Blind Eye Books
Format: Book

Born to privilege and gifted in languages and spells, Neil Franklin has planned his brilliant future well. From academic accolades to finding a proper marriage he is intent upon upholding his family name and honor. The sudden death of his parents shatters all of that, leaving Neil and his younger...
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The Fell Sword

Miles Cameron · Little Brown & Co
Pages: 640
Format: Paperback

Miles Cameron weaves a tale of magic and depravity in the sequel to The Red Knight.
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The Golden Princess: A Novel of the Change

S. M. Stirling · Roc; First Edition edition
Format: Hardcover

A new generation faces its own challenges in the world the Change has made.Princess Órlaith, heir to Rudi Mackenzie, Artos the First, High King of Montival, now wields the Sword of the Lady—and faces a new enemy. Fortunately, she also has a new ally in Reiko, Empress of Japan, who has been...
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Prince of Outcasts: A Novel of the Change

S M Stirling · Roc
Pages: 608
Format: Print book

"[An] epic series,"* the Novels of the Change by New York Times bestselling author S. M. Stirling chronicle a postapocalyptic landscape of medieval and mystical monarchies ruling and warring across a world where mysterious Powers removed advanced technology. A new alliance has been...
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Immortal: A Novel of the Fallen Angels

J.R. Ward · New American Library
Pages: 388
Format: Hardcover

From J.R. Ward, the #1 New York Times bestselling author who has kept readers on the edge of their seats with her phenomenal Fallen Angels novels, comes one of the most heart-stirring and eagerly anticipated events in that acclaimed series.This is a world where sin and salvation collide....
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Raising Steam

Terry Pratchett · Doubleday
Pages: 365
Format: Print book

A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERSteam is rising over Discworld, driven by Mister Simnel, the man with a flat cap and a sliding rule. He has produced a great clanging monster of a machine that harnesses the power of all of the elements - earth, air, fire, and water - and it's soon drawing astonished...
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