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Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins in Your Mind

Joel Osteen · FaithWords
Pages: 212
Format: Hardcover

Bestselling author Joel Osteen shares how reprogramming your thoughts to remove negativity will lead to a more blessed, fulfilled life. Your mind has incredible power over your success or failure. THINK BETTER, LIVE BETTER offers a simple yet life-changing strategy for erasing the thoughts...
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God Is Young: A Conversation with Thomas Leoncini

POPE FRANCIS · Random House
Pages: 160
Format: Hardcover

Pope Francis examines the role of millennials in the future of the Catholic Church in this urgent call to believers of all generations to work together to build a better world.

Since his election in 2013, Pope Francis has reinvigorated the Catholic Church and become one of the most...
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Pilgrimage: My Search for the Real Pope Francis

Mark Shriver · Random House
Pages: 304
Format: Print book

A down-to-earth and deeply intimate portrait of Pope Francis and his faith, based on interviews with the men and women who knew him simply as Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Early on the evening of March 13, 2013, the newly elected Pope Francis stepped out onto the balcony of St. Peter's...
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Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life's Storms

Tim Tebow · WaterBrook
Pages: 213
Format: Hardcover

Who are you when life is steady?
Who are you when storms come?

Most of us have been on the receiving end of rejection, a broken dream, or heartbreak. And while this is not an easy space to go through, when we are grounded in the truth, we can endure the tough times.


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Agents of Babylon: What the Prophecies of Daniel Tell Us about the End of Days

David Jeremiah · Tyndale House Publishers
Pages: 384
Format: Hardcover

In his #1 New York Times bestseller Agents of the Apocalypse, noted prophecy expert Dr. David Jeremiah explored the book of Revelation through the lens of its major players. Now, in the much-anticipated follow-up, Agents of Babylon, Dr. Jeremiah examines prophecy through...
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Where I am: Heaven, Eternity, and Our Life Beyond

Billy Graham · W Publishing Group, an imprint of Thomas Nelson
Pages: 265
Format: Print book

"While his earthly vision dims, the glory of heaven is illuminated as Billy Graham, the beloved evangelist, shares from his past, and present, the reality of eternity."--Book jacket.
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What If It's True?: A Storyteller's Journey with Jesus

Charles Martin · Thomas Nelson
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover

With the same depth, sensitivity, and emotion that has made his novels beloved to millions, Charles Martin helps us engage the fundamental principles of our faith in new and inspiring ways.

Years ago, Martin cracked open his Bible and began wrestling with a few fundamental questions....

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A History of the Bible: The Story of the World's Most Influential Book

John Barton
Format: Hardcover

A literary history of our most influential book of all time, by an Oxford scholar and Anglican priest

In our culture, the Bible is monolithic: It is a collection of books that has been unchanged and unchallenged since the earliest days of the Christian church. The idea of the Bible...
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A Pilgrimage to Eternity: From Canterbury to Rome in Search of a Faith

Timothy Egan · Viking
Pages: 384
Format: Hardcover

"What a wondrous work! This beautifully written and totally clear-eyed account of his pilgrimage will have you wondering whether we should all embark on such a journey, either of the body, the soul or, as in Egan's case, both." --Cokie Roberts

"If this book doesn't...
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Successful Women Speak Differently: 9 Habits That Build Confidence, Courage, and Influence

Valorie Burton · Harvest House Publishers
Pages: 224
Format: Paperback

Stop Underestimating Yourself.
You are capable of far more than you know.

The most successful women are often not the most talented, the most gifted, or even the most experienced. What these women have is a knack for communicating that opens doors and gives them influence....

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