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Kissing the Wind

A. E. Hotchner - ?Anchor
Format: Paperback

Chet Tremaine is living his best life. A successful lawyer with a loyal best friend, the arts and culture of New York City at his doorstep, and a peaceful retreat in Connecticut, Chet has it figured out. Even when a freak tennis accident leaves him blind in one eye, Chet is confident he'll...
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Operation Joktan

Amir Tsarfati - ?Harvest Prophecy
Pages: Paperback??368
Format: Paperback?

Nir Tavor is an Israeli secret service operative turned talented Mossad agent. Nicole le Roux is a model with a hidden skill. A terrorist attack brings them together, and then work forces them apart - until they're unexpectedly called back into each other's lives. But there's...
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The Way It Should Be

Christina Suzann Nelson - Bethany House Publishers
Format: Paperback

After years of estrangement, the lives of Zara Mahoney and her twin sister, Eve, are suddenly and completely intertwined again. Eve's troubled lifestyle causes the state to take custody of her two children and contact Zara and her husband, asking them to consider foster care. Newlywed...
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Dead Fall

Nancy Mehl - Bethany House Publishers
Format: Paperback

When a renowned profiler is found dead in his hotel room and it becomes clear the killer is targeting agents in Alex Donovan's unit, she is called to work on the strangest case she's ever faced. As things get personal when the brilliant killer strikes close to home, Alex will do anything...
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Deadly Target

Elizabeth Goddard - ?Revell
Format: Paperback

Criminal psychologist Erin Larson's dreams of a successful career come to a screeching halt when she nearly loses her own life in a boating accident on Puget Sound and then learns that her mother tried to commit suicide. She leaves her job as a criminal psychologist to care for her mother...
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