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The Angry Child: What Parents, Schools, and Society Can Do

Brett Novick · Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 114
Format: Hardcover

Anger and violence have reached seemingly epidemic proportions within the fabric of our youth. From school violence, social media, to growing oppositional and defiant behaviors within the home; anger has surfaced more and more in the lifestyles of our youth. What are the answers? Should...
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Failure to Launch: Why Your Twentysomething Hasn't Grown Up...and What to Do About It

Mark McConville Ph.D. · G.P. Putnam's Sons
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover

From an expert in adolescent psychology comes a groundbreaking, timely, and necessary guide for parents of the 2.2 million young adults in America who are struggling to find their way in the world.

In Dr. Mark McConville's decades of experience as a family clinical psychologist,...
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Freedom from Family Dysfunction: A Guide to Healing Families Battling Addiction or Mental Illness

Kenneth Perlmutter · Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 162
Format: Hardcover

The headlines ring with stories of opioid addiction and overdose. Parents complain about their children's screen addiction, law enforcement decries the flood of fentanyl, scores of Americans overdose and die daily, and teen alcohol poisoning and marijuana-induced psychosis rates continue...

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The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Diets that Work

PAMELA COMPART · Fair Winds Press
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback

The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook highlights the best diets for children with these special needs. You'll find recommendations for school lunches and snacks, plus brand-new recipes. One of the challenges that parents face is coping with children who havepicky appetites and crave...
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The Manager Mom Epidemic: How Moms Got Stuck Doing Everything for Their Families and What They Can Do About It

Thomas Phelan · Sourcebooks
Pages: 272
Format: Paperback

Are you a mom who does it all? This is the book for you.

It's impossible to deny -- most moms continue to do way more household work and childcare than most dads. Working full time, raising kids, cooking dinner, making sure every appointment and activity is lined up and that everyone...

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