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Guide to Gems (Firefly Pocket series)

Cally Oldershaw · Firefly Books
Pages: 224
Format: Paperback

A reference guide to gems, semi-precious stones and crystals.

Gemstones and crystals are used for jewelry, industry, lasers and precision technology. Firefly Guide to Gems is a practical, compact guide to the identification and use of precious and semi-precious...

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Owls of North America

Frances Backhouse · Firefly Books
Format: Paperback

Heavily illustrated with beautiful, clear photographs. -- Booklist Owls are almost everywhere. These distinctive birds populate every continent except Antarctica and survive in everything from arid desert to arctic tundra to dense rain forest. Frances Backhouse provides an in-depth...
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Bob Langrish · Bloomsbury
Pages: 160
Format: Book

The lives of humans and horses have been intricately linked for thousands of years, with equines depicted in cave paintings dating back to 5000 BC. Horses have been developed by humans for many purposes--for war, for working in the field and in industry, for competitive sports events such...
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Marine Fishes of Florida

David B Snyder · Johns Hopkins University Press
Pages: 373
Format: Print book

The most comprehensive book about Florida's marine fishes ever produced, Marine Fishes of Florida includes hundreds of photographs and descriptions of species you'll encounter -- plus many that are rare -- when diving, snorkeling, kayaking, or fishing. Coverage includes both the Atlantic...
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Last Chance Mustang: The Story of One Horse, One Horseman, and One Final Shot at Redemption

Mitchell Bornstein · St. Martin's Press
Pages: 300
Format: Print book

Last Chance Mustang is the story of Samson, a formerly free-roaming, still wild-at-heart American mustang that was plucked from his mountainous Nevada home and thrown into the domestic horse world where he was brutalized and victimized. After years of abuse, Samson had evolved...

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Backyard Farming: Raising Cattle for Dairy and Beef

Kim Pezza · Hatherleigh Press
Format: Print book

YOUR BACKYARD FARMING EXPERIENCE BEGINS HERE! Whether for milk or beef, cattle are among the most versatile livestock for your new homestead. Backyard Farming: Raising Cattle is your expert guide to successfully keeping and caring for your herd. A comprehensive primer for first-time beef...
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Bugs Up Close: A Magnified Look at the Incredible World of Insects

Lars-Ã…ke Janzon · Skyhorse Publishing; Reprint edition
Format: Hardcover

Take a close-up look into a world youve never noticed. Bugs are usually so small that we hardly notice them, let alone think of them as living beings. But call upon the magnifying glass, and a shapeless jumble of legs, wings, and antennae suddenly start staring back at us. About percent...
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The Cheese Trap: How Breaking a Surprising Addiction Will Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Get Healthy

Neal D Barnard · Grand Central Pub
Pages: 320
Format: Print book

New York Times bestselling author Dr. Neal Barnard reveals the shocking truth about cheese-the dangerous addiction that is harming your health-and presents a radical program to lose weight and feel great. We've been told that dairy does a body good, but the truth is that cheese can be dangerous....
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Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Cat: 101 Heartwarming Stories about Our Happy, Heroic & Hilarious Pets

Amy Newmark · Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing
Pages: 400
Format: Print book

Sometimes you can choose your family ... by choosing to love a cat! But just because they're animals it doesn't mean they won't be as complex and individual as anyone else around. Our cats can be so good, and then they can be not-so-good, but boy do they give us great stories!...
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Firefly Encyclopedia of Reptiles and Amphibians

Chris Mattison · Firefly Books
Pages: 272
Format: Print book

"With lush color photographs and lavishly detailed illustrations, this encyclopedia presents a striking abundance of information at a glance.... Strongly recommended for high school, public, and academic libraries."
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Wild Cats of the World

Luke Hunter · Bloomsbury Natural History, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2015.
Pages: 240
Format: Print book

From the rabbit-sized Black-footed Cat of southern Africa to bear-killing Amur tigers of the Russian Far East, the 38 members of the Cat Family include some of the world's most fascinating and magnificent species on earth. Supremely adapted for the kill, all cats are obligate carnivores;...
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