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The Life of Faith

Cornelia Nuzum - Gospel Publishing House
Format: eBook

Imagine a woman in the early 1900s who is passionate about Pentecost. Now imagine her spunk and determination when she chooses to move to Mexico as a missionary when this was highly unconventional for a woman. Blessed with a healing ministry and a heart for the lost, Cornelia Nuzum was not only...
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Quarks, Chaos & Christianity: Questions to Science And Religion

John Polkinghorne - The Crossroad Publishing Company
Format: NOOK Book(eBook)

Templeton Award winner and theoretical physicist John Polkinghorne explores the gap between science and religion. "Do we have to choose between the scientific and religious views of the world, or are they complementary understandings that give us a fuller picture than either on their...
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In Praise of Folly

Desiderius Erasmus - Open Road Integrated Media
Format: eBook

This sixteenth-century religious satire by a Renaissance critic and theologian is "a masterpiece of humor and wise irony" (Johan Huizinga, Dutch historian) . At the onset of his hugely successful satire of medieval European society, Dutch scholar Desiderius Erasmus invokes the goddess...
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Peace Is Every Breath: A Practice for Our Busy Lives

Nha??t Ha?nh, Thích. - HarperCollins e-books
Format: eBook

"Among Buddhist leaders influential in the West, Thich Nhat Hanh ranks second only to the Dalai Lama." - New York Times<br /><br />"Thich Nhat Hanh is a holy man ... . His ideas for peace, if applied, would build a monument to ecumenism, to world brotherhood,...
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Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Communicating with the Spirit World

Konstanza Morning Star - Llewellyn Worldwide
Format: Print book

Mediumship is a basic skill that can be learned and perfected through practice. Discover how mediumship works and how you can build a strong spiritual foundation so that your ability to communicate with the spirit world will flourish. Medium is a beginner-friendly book designed to help...
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Ghost Hunting : a Survivor's Guide

John Fraser - The History Press
Format: eBook

The Roman scholar Pliny the Younger wrote about ghost hunting - 2, 000 years later and the hunt still goes on. For all the thousands of hours spent by investigators in cold, dark houses, ghosts remain elusive and unproven. This book sets out to be a practical guide to show how ghost hunting...
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Christmas in Paris 2002.

Ronald K Fried - Open Road Integrated Media
Format:  eBook : Document : EnglishView all editions and formats

It is Christmas of 2002. Joseph Steiner, a New York television executive, has just lost his job in the economic downturn that followed 9/11. America is about to invade Iraq, and the world is losing sympathy for its only superpower. As for Steiner, his run of good luck and privilege seems...
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Nurturing the Leader Within Your Child: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Tim Elmore - Thomas Nelson
Format: eBook

Informative, challenging and often humorous, this work explores mentoring the basic types of children and provides real-life insights on how to help them reach their full potential. Whether you have a driver, a diplomat, or a dreamer, you need to give your child permission to dream big and to dream...
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