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On The Western Front Soldiers' Stories from France and Flanders

John Laffin - The History Press

This book was the first serious attempt to illustrate the humanity of the soldier on the Western Front, reflecting the war as they saw it from first shot to last. These tales, told to fellow men in the trenches, behind the lines, at base hospitals and at the estaminets and billets during...
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Summary and Analysis of White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America: Based on the Book by Nancy Isenberg (Smart Summaries)

Worth Books - Worth Books
Format: Kindle Edition

So much to read, so little time? This brief overview of White Trash tells you what you need to know - before or after you read Nancy Isenbergs book. Crafted and edited with care, Worth Books set the standard for quality and give you the tools you need to be a well-informed reader. This...
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Stosstrupptaktik : German assault troops of the First World War-- the first stormtroopers

Stephen Bull - The History Press

To many it would later seem as if the rule book of war had been torn up and thrown away. World War Iis usually characterized as a static war of attrition, but by its end a new doctrine of fire and movement emerged, with the squad as the key tactical unit, marking a fundamental shift in methods...
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Pepys and the Navy

C S Knighton - The History Press

Pepys's diary has made him a literary celebrity. In his own time he was known as the chief naval official under Charles II and James II and this aspect of the diarist's life has not received the attention it deserves from his modern biographers. Charles Knighton, a Pepys scholar...
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Women at War 1939-1945

Carol Harris - The History Press
Format: Book

Long before the outbreak of World War II, official calculations showed Britain would be short of the manpower needed to fight the enemy and keep up production of weapons, food, and other essentials. It was hoped that women volunteers would fill the gaps and so they volunteered as workers...
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Tobruk 1941

Pier Paolo Battistelli - The History Press
Format: NOOK Book(eBook)

The tale of one of the longest-running sieges in Britishmilitary history, and a potent symbol of resistance The siege of Tobruk lasted 240 days during which the "gallant garrison" of Allied soldiers, primarily the Australian 9th Division, held out against constant attacks from...
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Gibraltar : conquered by no enemy

Marc Alexander - History Press
Format: eBook

The story of Gibraltar is one of siege, starvation, plague, and battles interspersed with periods of peace. The colony's civilian population is made up of a rich and complex racial mix of exiled Jews, French royalists, Maltese merchants, emigrants from India, and Genoese fishermen who fled...
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Ragged London: The Life of London's Poor

Michael FitzGerald - History Press
Format: Book

Ragged London describes life in the rookeries of London, where forty people would live together in one room. Although life was a constant struggle against famine, disease and violence, the people enjoyed a closeness that was moer than the result of overcrowding. Their lives were lived entirely...
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Guernsey Evacuees the Forgotten Evacuees of the Second World War.

Gillian Mawson - History Press
Format: Book

In June 1940, 17, 000 people fled Guernsey to England, including 5, 000 school children with their teachers and 500 mothers as 'helpers'. The Channel Islands were occupied on 30 June - the only part of British territory that was occupied by Nazi forces during the Second World War....
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