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Spring Into Fun

HIT Entertainment. · Hit Entertainment
Format: Book

Angelina Ballerinaâ„¢ - Arthur the Butterfly: Angelina celebrates friendships both onstage and off. After helping a new butterfly friend recover from an accident, will the kindness be returned when Angelina and Henry need help? Bob the Builderâ„¢ - Bob's Egg and Spoon Race: The race...
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Rescue Dawn (2007)

Christian Bale · MGM Home Entertainment
Format: DVD

In the tradition of The Great Escape and The Deer Hunter, Rescue Dawn is Werner Herzog's take on the pulse-pounding POW genre. Unlike most such efforts, however, his isn't just based on a true story, it's a remake of his 1997 documentary Little Dieter Needs to Fly. German-born...
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The Abbott and Costello show who's on first?.

Bud Abbott · E1 Entertainment

Featuring the routines that made them comedy legends, like Who's on first? and The lemon bit, this digitally restored and remastered best-of collection includes six of the Abbott and Costello show's most beloved episodes. Includes: The dentist's office; The birthday party; The charity...
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Entourage: Season 6

Jeremy Piven · HBO Studios
Format: DVD

The sixth season of Entourage focuses on the title members rather than Vince (Adrian Grenier), the movie star they follow, which would have been a smart move had they been given more interesting story lines. Instead, Eric (Kevin Connolly) struggles with his startup agency and moons over...
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Free State of Jones

Matthew McConaughey · Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Format: DVD

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey stars in this epic, untold true story of defiant Southern farmer, Newt Knight and his extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy during the Civil War. Despite overwhelming odds, Knight banded together with other small farmers and local slaves...
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Man Apart

Vin Ddthe N6525 Diesel · TURNER HOME ENTERTAINMENT; DVD Video edition

A DEA agent is on a deadly vendetta to take down the boss of the powerful cartel that killed his wife. He will not rest until the drug boss is dead or behind bars.
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Emma's Chance

Greer Grammer · Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Format: DVD

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The Jackal - Collector's Edition

Michael Caton-Jones · Universal Home Video, 1998.
Format: DVD video

Jackal--the greatest assassin in history--out to eliminate a top U.S. government official. Declan Mulqueen, an imprisoned underground operative, is the only man who can stop him. Now, the Deputy Director of the FBI is taking the biggest risk of all ... he's releasing one criminal to stop...
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