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The Mindful Home: The Secrets to Making Your Home a Place of Harmony, Beauty, Wisdom and True Happiness

Craig Hassed · Exisle Pub
Pages: 240
Format: Paperback

A house is merely physical but a home is far more subtle and elusive. This book takes the view that being 'at home' is a metaphor for finding ourselves -- finding our core. What do we find at our core?Well, if the world's great wisdom traditions have anything to say about it then...
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Gardenista: The Definitive Guide to Stylish Outdoor Spaces

Michelle Slatalla · Artisan
Pages: 400
Format: Print book

Our homes' outdoor spaces can - and should - be as welcoming and carefully considered as our living rooms; when treated as extensions of our homes, these spaces enrich our lives immeasurably. That was the guiding principle when, under the direction of editor in chief Michelle Slatalla (whose...
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Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color: What's Your Color Story?

Moll Anderson · Post Hill Press
Pages: 256
Format: Hardcover

What is your color story? There is a reason we dream in color. Color speaks louder than words - it can not only brighten your home; it can brighten your life. Color can transform a room - your mood, your family, and even your well-being. Are you living life in color - or living in neutral?...
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My Tiny Veg Plot: Grow Your Own in Surprisingly Small Places

Lia Leendertz · Pavilion Books 2015.
Pages: 160
Format: Print book

Food can be grown just about anywhere, and lack of space should not put you off growing your own fresh vegetables. Not everyone has access to outside space, but we all have window ledges, doorways, often stairways, sometimes even a balcony or roof space. This book offers solutions and inspirations...
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Graphic Guide to Frame Construction: Fourth Edition, Revised and Updated

Rob Thallon · The Taunton Press
Pages: 243
Format: Print book

A classic reference, the Graphic Guide to Frame Construction is a comprehensive visual handbook filled with hundreds of meticulous drawings showing the framing details you need to understand when building with wood. This revised fourth edition reflects the most recent changes in residential...
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Good Garden Bugs: Everything You Need to Know about Beneficial Predatory Insects

Mary M. Gardiner · Quarry Books
Format: Book

Your guide to the beneficial insects in your garden!Good Garden Bugs is an easy-to-follow reference to beneficial insects that provide pest control, allowing your garden to grow full and bountiful.Aphids, caterpillars, grubs, and slugs are not only creepy-crawlies: They can wreak havoc...
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Better Homes and Gardens Flea Market Style: Fresh Ideas for Your Vintage Finds

Better Homes and Gardens · Better Homes and Gardens Books
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback

The Indispensible Guide to Scoring, Using, Collecting, and Displaying Vintage Flea Market Finds Flea markets, Craigslist, and even a neighbor's curb can yield vintage treasures that make a house sparkle. But knowing what to do with those pieces can be intimidating. This innovative book...
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New Kitchen Idea Book

Heather J Paper · The Taunton Press
Pages: 224
Format: Print book

The kitchen. It's the undeniable heart of the home, the hub from which families fan out and come together again. Much more than a place to make and take meals, it's also "homework central", a home office, and an entertaining area all rolled into one. So when it's time to update...
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Victory Gardens for Bees: A DIY Guide to Saving the Bees

Lori Weidenhammer · Douglas and McIntyre
Pages: 226
Format: Print book

Who knew modern civilization may be brought down, not by plagues or war, but by bees? Or, more correctly, by no bees? This book investigates the growing problem of bee mortality and offers practical measures we can all take to help. In ecological terms, bees play a critical role in the survival...
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The Water-Saving Garden: How to Grow a Gorgeous Garden with a Lot Less Water

Pam Penick · Ten Speed Press
Pages: 233
Format: Print book

A guide to growing beautiful gardens in drought-prone areas utilizing minimal water for maximum results.With climate change, water rationing, and drought on the rise, conserving water is more important than ever - but that doesn't mean your gardening options are limited to cacti and rocks....
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