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A message from the director

Hi and welcome to the first issue of the Derby Public Library newsletter. We're excited to share all sorts of library news with you. Book reviews, featured services and special programs are just some of the topics we will cover. This will be a monthly newsletter, so please don't worry that you will be inundated with emails from the library. If you have suggestions for items you would like to see in the newsletter, or any other feedback, we would love to hear it.

Eric Gustafson, library director



Saturday Shorts Moviecraft Premiere Sept. 29

This season our award-winning film production program tackled the over-18 crowd with our Adult Moviecraft course. Satruday Shorts, a production team made up of college students, parents, engineers and more took six weeks to create a short film. Writing and directing, constructing props and recording sound, acting and editing are all completed by the participants to create an amazing story. You are invited to attend the Red Carpet Premiere of Saturday Shorts' production at 7 p.m. Sept. 29 in the Community Room. Refreshments will be served and moviegoers will have a chance to meet the project creators.



Check out one of the library's three book clubs

Did you know we have three active book clubs at the library? If you are looking for a lively book discussion, drop in on any one of our clubs. Click the title of the book below to go to the library catalog, where you can place the book on hold. 

Enter our contest for Banned Books Week

We're celebrating Banned Books Week — Sept. 24-30 — this year with a contest that will run all month. We've shredded copies of three books that have been banned or challenged and we want you to guess the titles. Come into the library and enter your guess for each. At the end of the month, we'll choose three random winners, one for each title. Prizes are a Banned Books Week tote, banned books mug, and $10 gift card to Watermark Books and Cafe


A new face at Family Night

If you join us for family night on Mondays, you will see a new face at story time. Kayley is the newest member of the youth services staff and she is excited to share family night with you. If you've never come for family night, it's an evening story time designed for ages 3-7, but all ages are welcome. We share books and music, followed by a family activity.


New release book review:
The Visitors by Catherine Burns

First LIne: Like a white bird, the scream flew up from the depths of the cellar, then became trapped inside Marion's head.

Summary: Marion, a spinster living with her brother in their cluttered childhood home, is scared of the secret hidden in the cellar. When her brother has a heart attack, she has to face the reality of what he has been hiding. Told through flashbacks, snippets of their past lead you to understand that people are not always what they seem.

My thoughts: A slow-burning thriller. Little pieces of information are scattered throughout the book that lead the reader to create theories of what happened. Marion and John's relationship and lifestyle oddly transfixed me. The end leaves you with a sense of "what happened?" Unsettling, but in a good and spooky way.

Release date: Sept. 26, 2017

Check out our blog for more on this book and for other book reviews. 

Ashley's rating:

New release book review: The Good People
by Hannah Kent

Frist line: Nora's first thougth when they brought her the body was that it could not be her husband's.

Summary: In a small Irish village, three women become the target of suspaicion and fear when bad luck falls on several villagers. Is it magic? The fairies? Filled with Irish folklore and suspense, The Good People will fill you with wonder.

My thoughts: This is a book of literary fiction. It is dense with detailed description of life in rural Ireland. The pace is slow but the ending is rich. I constantly had to remind myself that life int eh 1800s was different than it is now. Science and reading were not necessarily commonplace. I knew what must happen, but I kept hoping for a different ending. 

Release date: Sept. 19, 2017

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From book to movie:
Wonder by R.J. Palacio

First line: I know I'm not an ordinary ten-year-old kid.

Summary: Auggie is starting school for the first time, in fifth grade. He is an ordinary kid with a genetic defect that has led to many different surgeries. He wants to make friends, but it's hard when you're different and kids can be mean. How is his first year of school going to go?

My thoughts: The story of Auggie made me laugh and tear up at the same time. Even though it's a work of fiction, you can see how similar situations could play out in schools around the country. I rememberworking with special-needs kids this age and it was great to see the kind way their classmates treated and protected them. I am looking forward to seein the movie in November.

In theaters: Nov. 17, 2017

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Summer Writing Challenge winner 
publishes library's latest Teen Zine

The DPL Teen Zine released a new issue this season from one of our local teen writers and a participant of thissummer's Worldly Writer's Challenge. The zine, titled  Drastic Measures , folows five characters through their individual struggles and triumphs until they join together in an epic conclusion. The story features a young woman with PTSD, a vengeful wolf, a stowaway aboard the Amistad, a North Korean teenager, and an ancient warrior. If you're in search of a quick tale with action, emotion and diversity, visit the library circulation desk and grab a copy of  Drastic Measures .

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