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The Liberation of Paris: How Eisenhower, de Gaulle, and von Choltitz Saved the City of Light

Jean Edward Smith · Simon & Schuster
Pages: 256
Format: Hardcover

Prize-winning and bestselling historian Jean Edward Smith tells the dramatic story of the liberation of Paris during World War II - a triumph that was achieved through the remarkable efforts of Americans, French, and Germans, all racing to save the city from destruction.

Becoming Superman: My Journey From Poverty to Hollywood

J. Michael Straczynski · Harper Voyager
Pages: 480
Format: Hardcover

With an introduction by Neil Gaiman!

In this dazzling memoir, the acclaimed writer behind Babylon 5, Sense8, Clint Eastwood's Changeling and Marvel's Thor reveals how the power of creativity and imagination enabled him to overcome the horrors of his youth and a dysfunctional family...

Fire and Fortitude: The US Army in the Pacific War, 1941-1943

John C. McManus · Dutton Caliber
Pages: 640
Format: Hardcover

An engrossing, epic history of the US Army in the Pacific War, from the acclaimed author of The Dead and Those About to Die

"This eloquent and powerful narrative is military history written the way it should be." - James M. McPherson, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian
Darkness to Light: A Memoir

Lamar Odom · BenBella Books
Pages: 240
Format: Hardcover

Fame. Sex. Pain. Drugs. Death. Booze. Money. Addiction. Redemption. Dizzying heights. Rock bottom depths. Desperation and elation. Sometimes in the same hour. Oh, and don't forget power . . . and the struggle for it.

There has never been an athlete quite like Lamar Odom. And there...

A Dream About Lightning Bugs: A Life of Music and Cheap Lessons

Ben Folds · Ballantine Books
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * From the genre-defying icon Ben Folds comes a memoir that is as nuanced, witty, and relatable as his cult-classic songs.

"A Dream About Lightning Bugs reads like its author: intelligent, curious, unapologetically punk, and funny as hell."...
Escape from Earth: A Secret History of the Space Rocket

Fraser MacDonald · PublicAffairs
Pages: 368
Format: Hardcover

The long-buried truth about the dawn of the Space Age: lies, spies, socialism, and sex magick
Los Angeles, 1930s: Everyone knows that rockets are just toys, the stuff of cranks and pulp magazines. Nevertheless, an earnest engineering student named Frank Malina sets out to prove the doubters...
Elvis in Vegas: How the King Reinvented the Las Vegas Show

Richard Zoglin · Simon & Schuster
Pages: 304
Format: Hardcover

The story of how Las Vegas saved Elvis and Elvis saved Las Vegas in the greatest musical comeback of all time.

The conventional wisdom is that Las Vegas is what destroyed Elvis Presley, launching him on a downward spiral of drugs, boredom, erratic stage behavior, and eventually his fatal...
Haben: The Deafblind Woman Who Conquered Harvard Law

Haben Girma · Twelve
Pages: 288
Format: Hardcover

"This autobiography by a millennial Helen Keller teems with grace and grit." -- O Magazine
"A profoundly important memoir." -- The Times
** As featured in The Wall Street Journal, People, and on The TODAY Show ** A New...
Grinnell: America's Environmental Pioneer and His Restless Drive to Save the West

John Taliaferro · Liveright
Pages: 624
Format: Hardcover

Before Rachel Carson, there was George Bird Grinnell -- the man whose prophetic vision did nothing less than launch American conservation.

Hailed by the New York Times as "the father of American conservation," George Bird Grinnell (1849-1938) , the Brooklyn-born...
Strange Harvests: The Hidden Histories of Seven Natural Objects

Edward Posnett · Viking
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover

An original and magical map of our world and its riches, formed of the stories of the small-scale harvests of seven natural objects

In this beguiling book, Edward Posnett journeys to some of the most far-flung locales on the planet to bring us seven wonders of the natural world--eiderdown,...
Lost Railway Journeys from Around the World

Anthony Lambert · White Lion Publishing
Pages: 208
Format: Hardcover

From the great cathedral-like railways stations of the steam age to obscure lines built through spectacular landscapes to open up countries before the advent of motorised road transport, this book is a celebration of our lost railway heritage and the lines that can no longer be travelled....
Out of the Gobi: My Story of China and America

Weijian Shan · Wiley
Pages: 480
Format: Hardcover

Foreword by Janet Yellen

Weijian Shan's Out of the Gobi is a powerful memoir and commentary that will be one of the most important books on China of our time, one with the potential to re-shape how Americans view China, and how the Chinese view life in America.

Queen of the Mountaineers: The Trailblazing Life of Fanny Bullock Workman

Cathryn J. Prince · Chicago Review Press
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover

Fanny Bullock Workman was a complicated and restless woman who defied the rigid Victorian morals she found as restrictive as a corset. With her frizzy brown hair tucked under a helmet, Workman was a force on and off the mountain. Instrumental in breaking the British stranglehold on Himalayan...
Bagehot: The Life and Times of the Greatest Victorian

James Grant · W. W. Norton & Company
Pages: 368
Format: Hardcover

The definitive biography of one of the most brilliant and influential financial minds -- banker, essayist, and editor of the Economist.

During the upheavals of 2007-09, the chairman of the Federal Reserve had the name of a Victorian icon on the tip of his tongue: Walter Bagehot....

Are We There Yet?: The American Automobile Past, Present, and Driverless

Dan Albert · W. W. Norton & Company
Pages: 304
Format: Hardcover

Tech giants and automakers have been teaching robots to drive.

Robot-controlled cars have already logged millions of miles. These technological marvels promise cleaner air, smoother traffic, and tens of thousands of lives saved. But even if robots turn into responsible drivers,...

A Short History of Seafaring

Brian Lavery · DK
Pages: 400
Format: Paperback

For more than 5,000 years, the sea has challenged, rewarded, and punished the brave sailors who set forth to explore it.

This history of the sea and sailing tells the remarkable story of those individuals--whether they lived to tell the tale themselves or not.

From the early...
Dottir: My Journey to Becoming a Two-Time CrossFit Games Champion

Katrin Davidsdottir · St. Martin's Press
Pages: 304
Format: Hardcover

This is a memoir by two-time CrossFit Games champion, Katrin Davidsdottir.

Dottir is two-time consecutive CrossFit Games Champion Katrin Davidsdottir's inspiring and poignant memoir. As one of only two women in history to have won the title of "Fittest Woman on Earth"...

Rocking Toward a Free World: When the Stratocaster Beat the Kalashnikov

Andras Simonyi · Grand Central Publishing
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover

From renowned diplomat and musician András Simonyi -- whom Stephen Colbert calls "the only ambassador I know who can shred a mean guitar!" -- comes a timely and revealing memoir about growing up behind the Iron Curtain and longing for freedom while chasing the great power of rock...
Scholars of Mayhem: My Father's Secret War in Nazi-Occupied France

Daniel C. Guiet · Penguin Press
Pages: 272
Format: Hardcover

The astonishing untold story of the author's father, the lone American on a 4-person SOE commando team dropped behind German lines in France, whose epic feats of irregular warfare proved vital in keeping Nazi tanks away from Normandy after D-Day.

When Daniel Guiet was a child and his family...
The Ghosts of Eden Park: The Bootleg King, the Women Who Pursued Him, and the Murder That Shocked Jazz- Age America

Karen Abbott · Crown
Pages: 432
Format: Hardcover

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * The epic true crime story of the most successful bootlegger in American history and the murder that shocked the nation, from the New York Times bestselling author of Sin in the Second City and Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy

The Plateau

Maggie Paxson · Riverhead Books
Pages: 368
Format: Hardcover

During World War II, French villagers offered safe harbor to countless strangers - mostly children - as they fled for their lives. The same place offers refuge to migrants today. Why?

In a remote pocket of Nazi-held France, ordinary people risked their lives to rescue many hundreds...
In the Country of Women: A Memoir

Susan Straight · Catapult
Pages: 384
Format: Hardcover

To understand my daughters and their sisterhood, you have to know the women, and sisters, who came before. In the Country of Women is a valuable social history and a personal narrative that reads like a love song to America and indomitable women. In inland Southern California, near the desert...
Mid-Century Ads

Jim Heimann · Taschen; Reissue edition
Format: Hardcover

Mad for ads: Advertising for the Space Age   Gleaned from thousands of images, this book offers the best of American print advertising in the age of the “Big Idea.” From the height of American consumerism, bold and colorful campaigns paint a fascinating...
Hurricanes: A Memoir

Rick Ross · Hanover Square Press
Pages: 288
Format: Hardcover

The highly anticipated memoir from hip-hop icon Rick Ross chronicles his coming of age amid Miami's crack epidemic, his star-studded controversies and his unstoppable rise to fame.

Rick Ross is an indomitable presence in the music industry, but few people know his full story. Now,...
The Dog Log: An Accidental Memoir of Yapping Yorkies, Quarreling Neighbors, and the Unlikely Friendships That Saved My Life

Richard Lucas · Chicago Review Press
Pages: 240
Format: Paperback

The Dog Log, written as a daily notation to the sheriff's department, begins as a simple complaint about a barking dog, but it soon becomes a powerful self-exploration and confessional. It's a touching, hilarious, and cleverly sneaky memoir of a man in Los Angeles who rediscovers...
Prince Albert: The Man Who Saved the Monarchy

A. N. Wilson · Harper
Pages: 448
Format: Hardcover

In this companion biography to the acclaimed Victoria, A. N. Wilson offers a deeply textured and ambitious portrait of Prince Albert, published to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the royal consort's birth.

For more than six decades, Queen Victoria ruled a great Empire at the height...

Tough Cases: Judges Tell the Stories of Some of the Hardest Decisions They've Ever Made

Russell Canan · The New Press
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover

A rare and illuminating view of how judges decide dramatic legal cases - Law and Order from behind the bench - including the Elián González, Terri Schiavo, and Scooter Libby cases

Prosecutors and defense attorneys have it easy - all they have to do is to present the evidence and make...

We Were Rich and We Didn't Know It: A Memoir of My Irish Boyhood

Tom Phelan · Gallery Books
Pages: 224
Format: Hardcover

In the tradition of Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes and Alice Taylor's To School Through the Fields, Tom Phelan's We Were Rich and We Didn't Know It is a heartfelt and masterfully written memoir of growing up in Ireland in the 1940s.

Tom Phelan, who was born...