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Drawing Perspective: How to See It and How to Apply It

Matthew T Brehm · Barron's
Pages: 144
Format: Print book

Here's a hands-on guide to perspective that's for anyone who wants to draw or paint--in any genre or medium. It's partly about learning how to draw a set of straight lines that meet at a point, but it's not filled with lots of dull, dry theory (although it does explain how it all works)...
The Most Requested Folk/Pop Songs

Cherry Lane Music Company · Cherry Lane Music Company
Pages: 245
Format: Musical score

(Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook) . A comprehensive collection of 62 folk/pop favorites, including: Blowin' in the Wind * California Dreamin' * City of New Orleans * Do You Believe in Magic * Fast Car * The House of the Rising Sun * If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song) * If I Were a Carpenter...
The Platinum Age of Television: From I Love Lucy to The Walking Dead, How TV Became Terrific

David Bianculli · Doubleday
Pages: 592
Format: Print book

Television shows have now eclipsed films as the premier form of visual narrative art of our time. This new book by one of our finest critics explains - historically, in depth, and with interviews with the celebrated creators themselves - how the art of must-see/binge-watch television evolved....
100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All Time

The Editors of TIME Magazine · Time Home Entertainment
Pages: 240
Format: Print book

Since its inception, TIME magazine has been synonymous not just with outstanding journalism, but also with outstanding photography. Now, to mark the 175th anniversary of photography and the birth of photojournalism, the Editors of TIME magazine are publishing this companion book to the groundbreaking...
Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling, The

John Muir Laws · Heyday
Pages: 303
Format: Print book

In straightforward text complemented by step-by-step illustrations, dozens of exercises lead the hand and mind through creating accurate reproductions of plants and animals as well as landscapes, skies, and more. Laws provides clear, practical advice for every step of the process for artists...
Picturing Children

Marian Wright Edelman · D Giles Limited 2016.
Pages: 64
Format: Print book

Volume four in the Double Exposure series features a diverse selection of photographs of children: spontaneous records of intimate family moments, playtime, and communal activities, as well as posed portraits. Photographers include Henry Clay Anderson, Wayne F. Miller, Joe Schwartz, Jamel...
Yves Saint Laurent

Roxanne Lowit · Thames & Hudson; 1 edition
Format: Hardcover

A dazzling portrait of Yves Saint Laurent and his world of fashion over the last twenty-five years of his career, by legendary pioneer of backstage fashion photography, Roxanne LowitYves Saint Laurent is a name synonymous with style, elegance, and high fashion. When he came on the scene...
The Complete Beginner's Guide to Drawing Animals: More than 200 drawing techniques, tips & lessons for rendering lifelike animals in graphite and colored pencil

Walter Foster Creative Team. · Walter Foster Pub
Pages: 240
Format: Print book

With helpful tips and easy to follow step-by-step lessons, The Complete Beginner's Guide to Drawing Animals is the perfect resource for artists looking to hone their drawing style and technique. The Complete Beginner's Guide to Drawing Animals starts with a thorough introduction...
Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Prize-winning Images by Top Astrophotographers

Terence Dickinson · Firefly Books, 2015.
Pages: 287
Format: Print book

This stunning collection of images from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition assembles the very best astrophotography from around the world. Organized by the Royal Observatory, the photographs capture an astounding range of astronomical phenomena both within our solar system...
Sketching from the Imagination: Characters

3dtotal Publishing. · 3dtotal Publishing
Pages: 320
Format: Print book

Sketches and drawings are the foundations of great art, where thoughts and concepts first come to life as an image. In Sketching from the Imagination: Characters, fifty talented artists share their sketches, inspirations, and approaches to creating characters. This book is a visually stunning...
Anywhere, Anytime Art: Crayon: An artist's colorful guide to drawing on the go!

Monika Forsberg · Walter Foster Publishing
Pages: 128
Format: Paperback

Anyone can draw and paint, anywhere and at any time! Anywhere, Anytime Art: Crayon allows artists of all skill levels to create beautiful, spontaneous artwork inspired by their surroundings, no matter where they are! Discover how to work with crayon, master basic strokes and drawing techniques,...
Everyone Can Draw: The book that proves that you can be an artist

Barrington Barber · Sirius
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback

Barrington Barber takes as his starting point the belief that everyone - whatever their experience - can learn to draw well. A fresh and accessible book that will appeal to all those interested in learning to draw, or who wish to hone their skills.
One on One - The Best Monologues for Mature Actors

Stephen Fife · Applause Theatre & Cinema
Format: Print book

Applause Acting Series. While contemporary American culture may be fixated on youthful sex appeal, the truth is that the most complex and interesting characters in dramatic literature have been and still are those over 40 years old. Whether its Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or Halie...
Lost Interiors: Beauty in Desolation

Flame Tree Studio · Flame Tree Publishing
Pages: 192
Format: Hardcover

A broken piano, a dilapidated staircase, a chair half standing on two bent legs surrounded by layers of history peeling from the wallpaper of an abandoned house. The chilling air of an abandoned church, or a desolated factory, with the faint signs of the human sounds now trapped in the detritus...