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Garfield Feeds the Kitty: His 35th Book

JIM DAVIS · Ballantine Books
Pages: 96
Format: Paperback

Hungry for Laughs? Garfield, the fat cat with the bottomless stomach, dishes up another tasty serving of cartoon comedy. So whether he's celebrating the official Kick-Odie-Across-the-Room Day, playing connect-the-freckles on Jon's chest, or perfecting his insincere smile, Garfield's...
Geis: A Matter of Life and Death

Alexis Deacon · Nobrow Pr
Pages: 96
Format: Print book

As the great chief matriarch lay dying, she gave one final decree: Upon her death there would be a contest. Having no heir of her own blood she called on the Gods. Let fate decide the one truly worthy to rule in her place. The rich, the strong, the wise, the powerful; many put forward their...
The Supergirls: Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heroines

Mike Madrid · Exterminating Angel Pr
Pages: 336
Format: Print book

"Mike Madrid is doing God's work. . . . mak[ing] accessible a lost, heady land of female adventure." - ComicsAlliance"Sharp and lively . . . [Madrid] clearly loves this stuff. And he's enough of a historian to be able to trace the ways in which the portrayal of sirens...
Rivers of London Volume 3: Black Mould

Ben Aaronovitch · Titan Comics
Pages: 128
Format: Paperback

CSI meets Harry Potter in this fantastic new graphic novel from Ben Aaronovitch, writer of the bestselling Rivers of London supernatural police procedural crime novel series!Something dark and slimy is dripping through the walls of suburban London. Not the usual stuff that smells funny...
Avengers: Time Runs Out Volume 1

Jonathan Hickman · Marvel Worldwide, Inc., 2015.
Pages: 144
Format: Print book

TIME RUNS OUT! For Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Illuminati, it has all been building to this. Following the startling events of Original Sin and the revelations as to what the Illuminati have been up to all this time, this cataclysmic saga jumps forward to the day of the Final Incursion....
A Very Stable Genius

Mike Luckovich · ECW Press
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback

How do you poke fun at a man who's so absurd he practically satirizes himself? Even two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mike Luckovich admits it's been a challenge covering the Cheeto-in-Chief in his internationally syndicated political cartoons. But Mike rose to the challenge,...
Super Sons Vol. 3: Parent Trap

Pages: 136
Format: Paperback

As the world's deadliest mom forces Robin to make the ultimate choice between his past and future, Superboy finds himself caught in middle in this volume of Super Sons!In this exciting concluding chapter, Talia al Ghul returns for her son Damian, whom she trained from birth to be an assassin....
Rivers of London Volume 4: Detective Stories

Pages: 128
Format: Paperback

CSI meets Harry Potter in this fantastic new graphic novel from Ben Aaronovitch, writer of the bestselling Rivers of London supernatural police procedural crime novel series! An anthology series of stories featuring Police Constable Peter Grant, his partner, Sahra Guleed, and their associates,...
Dept. H Volume 1

Matt Kindt · Dark Horse Books
Pages: 168
Format: Print book

From New York Times bestselling Mind MGMT creator Matt Kindt comes an exciting and new undersea sci-fi mystery. Mia is a special investigator hired to uncover possible sabotage taking place at a deep-sea research station. What she uncovers is a mind-blowing crime scene filled with suspects...
Bitch Planet Volume 2: President Bitch

Valentine De Landro · Image Comics
Pages: 144
Format: Print book

Eisner Award-nominated writer KELLY SUE DeCONNICK (PRETTY DEADLY, Captain Marvel) and VALENTINE DE LANDRO (X-Factor) follow up on the success of EXTRAORDINARY MACHINE with the second installment of their highly acclaimed and fiercely unapologetic BITCH PLANET. A few years down the road...
Comic Shop: The Retail Mavericks Who Gave Us a New Geek Culture

Dan Gearino · Swallow Press
Pages: 264
Format: Hardcover

The early 1970s saw the birth of the modern comic book shop. Its rise was due in large part to a dynamic entrepreneur, Phil Seuling. His direct market model allowed shops to get comics straight from the publishers, bypassing middlemen. Stores could better customize their offerings and independent...
The Lost Scrolls: Fire

Nickelodeon Publishing · Nickelodeon Publishing
Format: eBook

Katara describes how Aang outwits and defeats the dreaded Admiral Zhao and the Fire Navy, Aang tells how he comes to accept his destiny, and Prince Zuko recalls the time he once captured--and lost--the Avatar. The scroll also contains information about leaders of the Fire Nation, Firebending...
Chew Volume 11: The Last Suppers

Rob Guillory · Image Comics
Pages: 128
Format: Print book

Tony Chu, the cibopathic federal agent with the ability to get psychic impressions from what he eats, is getting closer to finding the answers he's been looking for - answers about the bird flu that killed millions, answers about the conspiracy to keep people from discovering the truth....
Rivers of London: Body Work

Ben Aaronovitch · Titan
Pages: 128
Format: Print book

Peter Grant, having become the first English apprentice wizard in fifty years, must immediately deal with two different but ultimately inter-related cases. In one he must find what is possessing ordinary people and turning them into vicious killers, and in the second he must broker a peace...
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol. 2: Cosmic Cooties

Amy Reeder · Marvel Worldwide
Pages: 136
Format: Print book

She's been so busy worrying about the Terrigen Cloud that would turn her Inhuman, Luna Lafayette might instead fall prey to...Cosmic Cooties?! Because when a new boy moves to town from far, far away, he's oddly interested in her. Meanwhile, the most wanted T-Rex in NYC is running out of places...