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The Doomsday Device

Andy Stanley has battled monsters, hunted down ancient magical artifacts, and narrowly escaped stampeding jungle animals.  But nothing can prepare for what happens when a powerful secret is unlocked: the Doomsday Device.  Andy and his friends must deactivate the countdown!


The Darkdeep

This tale will give you the chills! Middle-schoolers Nico, Tyler, Ella, and Opal discover a hidden island in a forbidden cove that appears uninhabited, but something ancient has awakened.  Whatever this monster is, it knows their wishes, dreams, and even their darkest secrets!  


Haunting Tales Available on Overdrive!

Are you in the spirit for Halloween yet?  If you are, have your library card ready and hop onto Overdrive to view these ebook titles and more that are available for download.  


The Graveyard Book

Nobody Owens is a normal boy, except that he has been raised by ghosts and other denizens of the graveyard!  Hop onto Overdrive to download this magical, terrifying, breathtaking adventure.


Majora's Mask 3Ds

A twisted Skull Kid will destroy the world of Termina by sending the moon crashing down in three days.  Can you stop the Apocolypse in time?  Adventure with Link and collect masks that will transform him!


Jellyfish Bracelets

Saturday, Oct. 20th from 12pm to 2pm

Learn how to make these easy yet awesome looking "Jellyfish Bracelets"! We have all the supplies needed.  These are great to wear and give to friends.


Keva Plank Challenge

Saturday, Oct. 20th from 2pm to 3pm

These building materials differ from other building products such as LEGO since they have no connectors.  Balance and gravity are key.  Stop by and have some fun!


Halloween Parade

Tuesday, Oct 30th from 4pm to 5pm

Get your costumes ready for this all ages event!  Join us for our annual Halloween Parade at the Library!  Come in costume and follow the parade route for candy!