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Barron's SAT Subject Test Literature, 7th Edition

Christina Myers-Shaffer M.Ed. · Barron's Educational Series
Pages: 512
Format: Paperback

Updated to reflect the latest subject tests in literature, this manual presents two diagnostic tests and seven full-length practice tests. Students will also find:A review of the seven literary elements that form the basis for the testMaterials to help strengthen critical reading skills,...
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Tobie Easton
Format: Hardcover

Lia Nautilus may be a Mermaid but she's never lived in the ocean. War has ravaged the seven seas ever since the infamous Little Mermaid unleashed a curse that stripped Mer of their immortality. Lia has grown up in a secret community of land-dwelling Mer hidden among Malibu's seasi
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Death Prefers Blondes

Caleb Roehrig · Feiwel & Friends
Pages: 448
Format: Hardcover

Teenage socialite Margo Manning leads a dangerous double life. By day, she dodges the paparazzi while soaking up California sunshine. By night, however, she dodges security cameras and armed guards, pulling off high-stakes cat burglaries with a team of flamboyant young men. In and out of disguise,...
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Edison's Alley

Neal Shusterman · Disney-Hyperion
Pages: 256
Format: Hardcover

Fourteen-year-old Nick has learned that the strange antiques in his attic bedroom were left there by the eccentric inventor Nikola Tesla. They are pieces of Tesla's Far Range Energy Emitter, capable of transmitting "free energy" to the globe. Some components of the contraption...
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An Enchantment of Ravens

Margaret Rogerson · Margaret K. McElderry Books
Pages: 300
Format: Hardcover

Parents' Choice Silver Honors Winner A skilled painter must stand up to the ancient power of the faerie courts - even as she falls in love with a faerie prince - in this gorgeous debut novel.Isobel is a prodigy portrait artist with a dangerous set of clients: the sinister fair folk, immortal...
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Lark Rising

Sandra Waugh · Random House Books for Young Readers
Format: Hardcover

Full of romance and nature magic, this debut fantasy is perfect for fans of Shannon Hale, Juliet Marillier, and Kristin Cashore. Lark has foreseen two things--she will fall for a young man with sage green eyes,and he will kill her. Sixteen-year-old Lark Carew is happiest close to home,...
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Taylor Swift: Superstar Singer

Katie Kawa · Lucent Press
Pages: 104
Format: Library Binding

Taylor Swift has changed her image since she got her start in music, turning from country music sweetheart to pop princess. Best known for her empowering songs about coming of age, Swift has captured the hearts of teens around the world and presents a positive role model for young girls....
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Amanda Maciel · HarperCollins Publishers
Pages: 328
Format: Hardcover

Provocative, unforgettable, and inspired by real-life incidents, Amanda Maciel's highly acclaimed debut novel Tease is the story of a teenage girl who faces criminal charges for bullying after a classmate commits suicide. With its powerful narrative, unconventional point of view, and strong...
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Alexander Hamilton, Revolutionary

Martha Brockenbrough · Feiwel & Friends
Pages: 384
Format: Hardcover

Complex, passionate, brilliant, flawed -- Alexander Hamilton comes alive in this exciting biography.He was born out of wedlock on a small island in the West Indies and orphaned as a teenager. From those inauspicious circumstances, he rose to a position of power and influence in colonial...
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Lighting Up the Brain: The Science of Optogenetics

Marc Zimmer · Twenty First Century Books
Pages: 80
Format: Library Binding

What if neuroscientists could look inside the human brain and watch individual brain cells send signals to one another? What if they could then control these brain cells to direct thoughts and actions? This may sound like science fiction, but it's actually a scientific revolution called...
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Native American Sports and Games

Rob Staeger · Mason Crest
Format: Print book

When studying the indigenous peoples of North, Central, and South America, it is important to understand that Native American cultures are highly diverse. With more than 500 Native American nations and 300 different language groups, there are few universal characteristics that apply across...
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Learning Not to Drown

Anna Shinoda · Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Format: Hardcover

Family secrets cut to the bone in this mesmerizing debut novel about a teen whose drug-addicted brother is the prodigal son one time too many.There is a pecking order to every family. Seventeen-year old Clare is the overprotected baby; Peter is the typical, rebellious middle child; and Luke...
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J. DuBois · Marshall Cavendish
Pages: 144
Format: Book

Diversity is the spice of life, and the highly regarded Cultures of the World series celebrates just that by providing stimulating observations on the varied life styles of far-ranging countries.
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Before the Devil Breaks You

LIBBA BRAY · Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Pages: 552
Format: Hardcover

The Diviners are back in this thrilling and eerie third installment by #1 New York Times bestselling author Libba Bray.New York City.1927.Lights are bright.Jazz is king.Parties are wild.And the dead are coming... After battling a supernatural sleeping sickness that early claimed two of their...
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