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Cleopatra's Needles: The Lost Obelisks of Egypt

Bob Brier · Bloomsbury Academic
Pages: 248
Format: Print book

In the half-century between 1831 and 1881 three massive obelisks left Egypt for new lands. Prior to these journeys, the last large obelisk moved was the Vatican obelisk in 1586 - one of the great engineering achievements of the Renaissance. Roman emperors moved more than a dozen, but left...
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Hannibal's Oath: The Life and Wars of Rome's Greatest Enemy

John Prevas · Da Capo Press
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover

According to ancient sources, Hannibal was only nine years old when his father dipped the small boy's hand in blood and made him swear eternal hatred of Rome. Whether the story is true or not, it is just one of hundreds of legends that have appeared over the centuries about this enigmatic...
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Last to Die: A Defeated Empire, a Forgotten Mission, and the Last American Killed in World War II

Stephen Harding · Da Capo Press
Pages: 288
Format: Hardcover

On August 18, 1945 - three days after Japan announced it would cease hostilities and surrender - U.S. Army Air Forces Sergeant Anthony J. Marchione bled to death in the clear, bright sky above Tokyo. Just six days after his twentieth birthday, Tony Marchione died like so many before him in World...
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Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War

Karen Abbott · Harper
Pages: 513
Format: Hardcover

Karen Abbott, the New York Times bestselling author of Sin in the Second City and "pioneer of sizzle history" (USA Today) , tells the spellbinding true story of four women who risked everything to become spies during the Civil War.Karen Abbott illuminates one of the most fascinating...
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The Brothers Vonnegut: Science and Fiction in the House of Magic

Ginger Strand · Farrar Straus Giroux
Pages: 320
Format: Hardcover

Worlds collide in this true story of weather control in the Cold War era and the making of Kurt VonnegutIn the mid-1950s, Kurt Vonnegut takes a job in the PR department at General Electric in Schenectady, where his older brother, Bernard, is a leading scientist in its research lab -- or "House...
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Woburn High School

Susan Thifault · Arcadia Publishing Inc.
Pages: 158
Format: Paperback

Woburn High School has instilled the importance of education in generations of students for over 160 years. The school opened its doors in 1852 with thirty-four students in a leased room at the Knight Building on Main Street. Increasing enrollment and curriculum requirements necessitated...
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Why The Dutch Are Different: A Journey Into the Hidden Heart of the Netherlands

Ben Coates · Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Pages: 294
Format: Print book

*A SCOTSMAN TRAVEL BOOK OF THE YEAR*Stranded at Schiphol airport, Ben Coates called up a friendly Dutch girl he'd met some months earlier. He stayed for dinner. Actually, he stayed for good.In the first book to consider the hidden heart and history of the Netherlands from a modern perspective,...
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Until We Are Free: My Fight for Human Rights in Iran

ShiÌ?riÌ?n Ê»IbaÌ?diÌ? · Random House
Pages: 304
Format: Print book

The first Muslim woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, Shirin Ebadi has inspired millions around the globe through her work as a human rights lawyer defending women and children against a brutal regime in Iran. Now Ebadi tells her story of courage and defiance in the face of a government...
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The Man Who Invented Fiction: How Cervantes Ushered in the Modern World

William Egginton · Bloomsbury USA
Pages: 239
Format: Print book

In the early seventeenth century, a crippled, graying, almost toothless veteran of Spain's wars against the Ottoman Empire published a book. It was the story of a poor nobleman, his brain addled from reading too many books of chivalry, who deludes himself that he is a knight errant and sets...
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Boston in the Golden Age of Spiritualism:: Seances, Mediums & Immortality

Dee Morris · History Press
Pages: 126
Format: Book

Spiritualism flourished in Boston from the first rumblings of the Civil War until the early twentieth century. Numerous clairvoyants claimed to bring messages from beyond the grave at seances and public meetings. Motives for belief were varied. Wealthy John Wetherbee sought business advice...
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The Man Who Touched His Own Heart: True Tales of Science, Surgery, and Mystery

Rob Dunn · Little, Brown and Company
Format: Hardcover

The secret history of our most vital organ--the human heartThe Man Who Touched His Own Heart tells the raucous, gory, mesmerizing story of the heart, from the first "explorers" who dug up cadavers and plumbed their hearts' chambers, through the first heart surgeries-which...
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Blitzkrieg: Myth, Reality, and Hitler's Lightning War: France 1940

Lloyd Clark · Atlantic Monthly
Pages: 384
Format: Print book

In the spring of 1940, the Germans launched a military offensive in France and the Low Countries that married superb intelligence, the latest military thinking, and new technology to achieve in just six weeks what their fathers had failed to achieve in all four years of the First World...
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Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror

Michael V. Hayden · Penguin Press, 2016.
Pages: 464
Format: Print book

An unprecedented high-level master narrative of America's intelligence wars, from the only person ever to helm both CIA and NSA, at a time of heinous new threats and wrenching change For General Michael Hayden, playing to the edge means playing so close to the line that you get chalk...
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RON CHERNOW · Penguin Press
Pages: 1104
Format: Hardcover

Pulitzer Prize winner Ron Chernow returns with a sweeping and dramatic portrait of one of our most compelling generals and presidents, Ulysses S. Grant. Ulysses S. Grant's life has typically been misunderstood. All too often he is caricatured as a chronic loser and an inept businessman,...
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