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Wide-Awake Bear

Every baby bear knows the warmth of spring only comes after sleeping through the cold of winter. For little cub Elliott, however, it's not that easy. First, something tickles his nose, rousing him from a dream, and then every shadow, noise, and passing thought keeps him up. No amount of fluffing of his pillow or tossing and turning will help. He even tries nudging his mom out of her slumber! But he's Still. Wide. Awake. 


Winter is Here

Snow falls, animals burrow, and children prepare for the wonders winter brings. Check out the blend of language and beauty of the winter season, along with expressive paintings by Laura Dronzek.


The Squirrels' Busy Year

 It's cold! The squirrels are digging up acorns to eat. But what will they eat in the spring, when the acorns are gone? Read the perfect introduction to the seasons and how the weather changes.


Duck, Duck, Dinosaur

Spike wants to play out in the snow with his siblings Feather and Flap, but they're too cold, so Spike surprises them with gifts. Follow along in the story to see what surprises await his friends! 


Borrow a Board Game!

Fighting boredom this weekend? Try one of the many board games, like Munchkin,  in the growing library collection at TPL! 
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