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It's All Relative by Wade Rouse

 New York Times bestselling author, A.J. Jacobs undergoes a hilarious, heartfelt quest to understand what constitutes family—where it begins and how far it goes—and attempts to untangle the true meaning of the “Family of Humankind.” Who are these people, he wondered, and how do I find them? So began a three-year adventure to help build the biggest family tree in history.



The School Year Survial Cookbook by Laura Keogh

The School Year Survival Cookbook is a fail-proof guide to the calendar-packed school year. For families, cooking meals, from September to June, with over 110 recipes.


Remodelista byJulie Carlson 

Let go of your inner perfectionist and remember that a house is for family, not for show  This compact tome shows us how. It all adds up to the ultimate home organizing manual.



Pretty Fun by Kate Hudson 

Kate Hudson shares her philosophy behind gatherings, how to be in the moment, make them uniquely yours, embracing occasions to just be a family together, as well as a healthy approach to life.


Humble Hearts at Home: Date Night on a Budget

Valentine's Day is a day for cards, hearts, and chocolates, but you don't have to spend a lot to make it memorable. Learn how the Library can help with streaming music, free movies, and recipes for that special home-cooked meal. Participants will be able to make a gift for that special someone.