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How We Work by Leah Weiss

In today's workplace, the traditional boundaries between "work" and "personal" are neither realistic or relevant. Bringing both our hearts and minds to everything we do provides more opportunities for negative emotions. How we feel at and about work matters, and this book helps to provide a path to productivity and success by utilizing midfulness techniques.


          Dying for a                 Paycheck by       Jeffrey Pfeffer

There is evidence that job stress can result in illness and even hospitalization. Pfeffer writing offers guidance and practical solutions to enhance workplace wellbeing.


       Be Mindful &               Stress Less           by Gina M. Biegel

The demands of everyday life can be stressful. These simple, accessible mindfulness-based practices can help incorporate self-care practices into your routine.


        10% Happier         by Dan Harris

Harris explains a way to get happier that is truly achievable. Harris discusses how his exploration of neuroscience, network news, and spirituality helped him handle stress.


Socrates' Cafe:        Brain Dead

Sept. 5, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Join this engaging and rousing discussion about brain death and the ongoing debate surrounding it. 

Moderated by Samuel H LiPuma  of Cuyahoga Community College. Hosted by TPL and The Thinker's Club.