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Job U: How To Find And Success By Developing The Skills Companies Actually Need.

Get ready to relearn everything you thought you knew about what a successful career path can look like. Because companies simply cannot find people with the skills they actually need. The good news is that this skills gap represents unprecidented opportunities can't be found inside the walls of traditional classroom.


The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly: A Physicians First Year

This book is one in which even overachievers find themselves humbled, and in which med school training has little to offer in navigating the emotional rollercoaster of dealing with actual patients in life.


The Secrets of Selling Anything to Anyone

The nations #1 real estate broker and star of Bravo's Milliion Dollar Listing New York shares his secrets for superstar success and getting what you want out of life - no matter who you are or what you do.


Start Up And Run Your Own Business

This excellent guide is designed to hel artists aquire vital knowlodge and skills to develp a vision and strategy for the future and make that vision into a successful business. Specific topics include: building networks, etc.


Resume Formatting with Word 2016

April 18th @ 6:30 PM

 Professional-looking resumes are a must. Learn common techniques used to format resumes and use these to recreate a sample resume. 

NOTE: Previous experience with Word 2016 is required.