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Power Excel with MrExcel: 617 Excel mysteries solved.

MrExcel walks readers through the specific steps to solve the issue, along eith common scenasrious that trip users up, leaving readers with not only answers to their specific dilemmas but also new and quicker ways to use formulas and spreadsheets.


The Upload by Ferrett Steinmetz 

In the future, the ederly have moved online and now live within the computer network, inferering in the lives of the living. For one orphan, that just isn't enough. 


Internet Surveillance And How To Protect Your Privacy

Who's watching you on the internet? Being Tech savvy to protect privacy; getting tech help; keep up to date.


Developing Business Applications For The Web:

Professional business programmers who are new to Web development will quickly aquire the relevant information they need.


Email Basics

March 28th @2:30 - 3:00 PM 

This course will cover creating an email account and using it in your daily life.

Students are not required to have an email in order to attend this course.