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ShapeHolders By Mark R. Kennedy

All it takes is one organizational misstep to sink a company's reputation. Kennedy argues that shapeholders, as much as stakeholders, have significant power to determine a company's risks and opportunities, if not its survival. Executives must be visionaires who find profitable and probable collaborations to diffuse political tensions.


Mexican Business Culture By Carlos M. Coria-Sanchez 

Western Business owners and managers are increasingly interested in doing business in Mexico. 


Culture And International Busines By Kip Becker

Management stategies to help you profit in the international realm! 


Culture And Business In Asia By Maureen Guirdham

Culture and BUsiness in Asia is an analytical, comparative guide to modern Asia Business.


Genealogy Series: U.S. Federal Census Records

Feb. 12 @6:30pm 

Learn all about U.S Federal Census records and how to use hem to track your family's genealogy.