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The Change: Women, Aging, and Menopause by Germaine Greer

Misinformation and ineffective methods are still being widely touted, and proliferating at an alarming rate due to the rise of the internet. In this updated edition, Greer debunks myths and presents a new perspective on the emotional and physical changes women face today when they go through "the change."


Women's Suffrage by Nancy Ohlin

What was the women's suffrage movement all about, and what social change did it bring? To learn about it in the US and globally, blast back to the past and learn all about the women's suffrage movement.


In Praise of Difficult Women by Karen Karbo

WSmart, sassy, and unapologetically feminine, this book is an ode the bold women of modern history, spotlighting the spirited rule breakers who charted their way without regard for expectations.  


How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen

Women face specific and different roadblocks from men as they advance in the workplace. Tackling issues like being a team player, networker, or good with details, this new book is essential reading for any woman ready to advance. 


Family Searching: Intro to

August 20th, 6:30 - 7:30 pm 

For anyone who's ever wanted to explore their family history or get started with genealogy, attend this program to learn how to create a free account, search for records and family trees, and keep track of what you find.