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Murder, Interrupted: True-crime Thrillers                  by James Patterson

Two true-crime thrillers as seen on Discovery's Murder is Forever TV series. Cheating financer, Frank Howard pays Billie Earl Johnson to kill his wife. When the bullet misses the mark, Billie Earl and Frank turn on each other in a fight for their lives. Then there is Dee Dee Blancharde, who is praised for her care of her ill daughter, Gypsy Rose. When Gypsy Rose realizes she isn't sick and Dee Dee's lied all these years, she exacts her revenge.


         Murder 101           by Faye Kellerman

Decker and Lazarus embark on a new life in upstate New York - and find themselves entangled in deception, intrigue, and murder in an elite, pictuesque college town.


The Muder House by Simon Beaufort

PC Helen Anderson's ordinary, uneventful life begins to spiral out of control when the files she takes home for the weekend fall into the wrong hands.


Murder Unleashed by Rita Mae Brown

Unscrupulous bankers, abandoned homes, and a cold-blooded killer on the loose: Mags Rogers and her dachshund, Baxter, dig up the dirt in this canine sleuth series.


iPhone Basics

May 16 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

This class covers the basic layout of the iPhone Operating System, settings, apps, and more. Bring your iPhone or iPad to follow along.  If you have questions call the Computer Lab at (330) 425-4268 ex. 4.