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A Tapestry Garden: The Art of Weaving Plants and Place

ERNIE O'BYRNE · Timber Press
Pages: 252
Format: Hardcover

Lessons from one of America's most outstanding gardens Marietta and Ernie O'Byrne's garden - situated on one and a half acres in Eugene, Oregon - is filled with an incredible array of plants from around the world. By consciously leveraging the garden's many microclimates, they have created...
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Popular Mechanics How to Fix Anything: Essential Home Repairs Anyone Can Do

Pages: 192
Format: Hardcover

For any home repair, big or small, homeowners can turn to this practical and portable reference. Got a squeaky floor or a rattling door? Is your grout a color you don't recognize anymore? From quick fixes like linking broken chains and patching drywall to more involved projects like replacing...
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The Less Is More Garden: Big Ideas for Designing Your Small Yard

Pages: 256
Format: Hardcover

Small space, big solutions When it comes to gardens, bigger isn't always better. A larger space requires more plants, more furniture, more maintenance, and more time. A smaller space takes less time to design, install, and care for and makes it easier for gardeners to take advantage of every...
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The Backyard Beekeeper, 4th edition: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden

KIM FLOTTUM · Quarry Books
Pages: 240
Format: Paperback

The Backyard Beekeeper, now in its 4th edition, makes the time-honored and complex tradition of beekeeping an enjoyable and accessible backyard pastime that will appeal to urban and rural beekeepers of all skill levels. More than a guide to beekeeping, this handbook features expert advice...
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Mushroom Cultivation: An Illustrated Guide to Growing Your Own Mushrooms at Home

Tavis Lynch · Quarry Books
Pages: 144
Format: Flexibound

Mushrooms are popping up everywhere! On restaurant menus, in grocery aisles, at local farmer's markets, and not just the ubiquitous white buttons we've seen for years. What once were exotic are now almost commonplace -- shiitake, chanterelle, cremini, enoki, the list grows longer...
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