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The Montessori Toddler: A Parent's Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being

Simone Davies · Workman Publishing Company
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback

Turn your home into a Montessori home - and become a more mindful, attentive, and easygoing parent. It's time to change the way we see toddlers. Using the principles developed by the educator Dr. Maria Montessori, Simone Davies shows how to turn life with a "terrible two"...
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Preschool Clues: Raising Smart, Inspired, and Engaged Kids in a Screen-Filled World

Angela C. Santomero · Touchstone
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback

The award-winning creator of Blue's Clues, Super Why!, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood shares the secret sauce behind her shows' powerful, transformative results in the form of eleven research-based, foundational "clues" to ensure that preschoolers flourish academically,...
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Accidental Brothers: The Story of Twins Exchanged at Birth and the Power of Nature and Nurture

Nancy L. Segal · St. Martin's Press
Pages: 352
Format: Hardcover

"A unique window into human behavior and development." -- Steven PinkerThe riveting story of two sets of identical twins separated at birth and improbably reunited as adults, a dream case for exploring nature and nurture.Accidental Brothers tells the unique story of two sets...
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Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Amazing Mom: 101 Stories of Love and Appreciation

Amy Newmark · Chicken Soup for the Soul
Pages: 400
Format: Paperback

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Amazing Mom will touch the heart of any mother with its stories of gratitude, joy, love, and lessons. Mothers and grandmothers will feel appreciated as they read about the impact of their hard work.This new collection is filled with heartwarming and entertaining...
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Winter's Graces: The Surprising Gifts of Later Life

Susan Avery Stewart · She Writes Press
Pages: 324
Format: Paperback

Filled with unexpected good news about growing older, Winter's Graces highlights eleven qualities that ripen with age -- including audacious authenticity, creative ingenuity, necessary fierceness, self-transcending generosity, and a growing capacity to savor life and to ride its ups and downs...
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