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I Will See You in Heaven

Wintz, Jack · Paraclete Press
Format: Hardcover

Expanded edition of the original bestseller! Friar Jack Wintz's bestselling book now includes readers' photos of their beloved four-footed companions who are waiting for them in heaven - where Friar Jack reassures us, with simple teachings from scripture and St. Francis of Assisi,...
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The Bullying Breakthrough: Real Help for Parents and Teachers of the Bullied, Bystanders, and Bullies

McKee, Jonathan · Shiloh Run Press
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback

In a world full of caring adults, how is it that we keep missing the cries of hurting kids?"Today, when the bell rings, kids might leave their school campus, but they can never escape the other world, a world where mockers and intimidators thrive. Ironically, they carry a gateway to that...
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