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The Healing Slow Cooker: Lower Stress * Improve Gut Health * Decrease Inflammation

Jennifer Iserloh · Chronicle Books
Pages: 208
Format: Hardcover

This collection of 60 set-it and forget-it recipes aims to support a variety of wellness goals for optimal health. From Detox and Calm to Rebuild and Strengthen and more, each chapter's recipes utilize specific ingredients that help lower stress, decrease inflammation, and improve gut health....
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Stirring the Pot with Benjamin Franklin: A Founding Father's Culinary Adventures

Rae Katherine Eighmey · Smithsonian Books
Pages: 304
Format: Hardcover

In this remarkable work, Rae Katherine Eighmey presents Franklin's delight and experimentation with food throughout his life. At age sixteen, he began dabbling in vegetarianism. In his early twenties, citing the health benefits of water over alcohol, he convinced his printing-press colleagues...
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The Southern Sympathy Cookbook: Funeral Food with a Twist

Perre Magness · Countryman Press
Pages: 176
Format: Paperback

Hearty bites for the heavy-hearted "He had a life-long love affair with deviled eggs, his homemade canned fig preserves, and buttermilk served in martini glasses garnished with cornbread." -- Obituary from Gulfport, Mississippi So-called "funeral food" is having a moment....
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Mom's Sugar Solution: 150 Low-Sugar Recipes for Your Kids' Favorite Foods, Sweet Treats, and More!

Pages: 240
Format: Paperback

Tame your sugar cravings with these simple, low-sugar recipes that emphasize natural ingredients and support healthy eating habits for you and your family.In Mom's Sugar Solution, you'll learn how much sugar is acceptable, how to spot hidden sugars on food labels, and how to get your...
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Real Food, Really Fast: Delicious Plant-Based Recipes Ready in 10 Minutes or Less

Hannah Kaminsky · Skyhorse Publishing
Pages: 232
Format: Hardcover

The promise of a hot, satisfying meal in ten minutes or less is no longer the exclusive calling card of cheap pizza delivery. Everything from dinners on the run to crave-worthy snacks for a crowd can be yours in less time than it takes to hunt down those crusty take-out menus. While most...
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