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Living with Schizophrenia: A Family Guide to Making a Difference

Jeffrey Rado · Johns Hopkins University Press
Pages: 136
Format: Print book

An estimated 51 million people worldwide have schizophrenia, 2.2 million of them in the United States. While early diagnosis and appropriate treatment improve the long-term prognosis, schizophrenia is a disease that is difficult to manage. In Living with Schizophrenia, Drs. Jeffrey Rado...
Adopting Older Children: A Practical Guide to Adopting and Parenting Children Over Age Four

Stephanie Bosco-Ruggiero · New Horizon Press
Format: Book

Adopting Older Children addresses the most significant challenges surrounding older-child adoption (both domestically and internationally), including mental health, behavioral, and educational concerns. This thorough guide enumerates the issues an older adopted child faces and provides...
Do Parents Matter?: Why Japanese Babies Sleep Soundly, Mexican Siblings Don't Fight, and American Families Should Just Relax

Robert Levine · PublicAffairs
Pages: 238
Format: Hardcover

When it comes to parenting, more isn't always better-but it is always more tiringIn Japan, a boy sleeps in his parents' bed until age ten, but still shows independence in all other areas of his life. In rural India, toilet training begins one month after infants are born and is accomplished...
Understanding the NICU: What Parents of Preemies and other Hospitalized Newborns Need to Know

Jeanette Zaichkin · Amer Acad Of Pediatrics
Pages: 260
Format: Print book

Most parents do not expect to begin life with their new baby in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) . They often feel lost and powerless amidst this new world of medical vocabulary, technology, and numerous health care providers.Understanding the NICU will guide you through your NICU...
The Danish Way of Parenting: What the Happiest People in the World Know About Raising Confident, Capable Kids

Jessica Joelle Alexander · TarcherPerigee
Pages: 208
Format: Print book

What makes Denmark the happiest country in the world--and what are the secrets of Danish parents for raising happy, confident, succesful kids, year after year? This upbeat and practical guide brings together the insights of a licensed psychotherapist and a mom -- a Dane and an American...
Talking Baby: Helping Your Child Discover Language

Margaret Maclagen · Finch Publishing
Pages: 183
Format: Paperback

This book starts by describing a baby's language development alongside their physical development in the first 18 months. It then discusses play - the way young children learn. It also explores childrens' very early acquisition of words, and how they use them, and it covers the exciting...
How Do I Explain This to My Kids?: Parenting in the Age of Trump

Sarah Swong · The New Press
Pages: 144
Format: Paperback

The day after the 2016 presidential election, filmmaker Carlos Sandoval found Ku Klux Klan fliers on the seats of the Long Island Railroad and recounts how his Cuban American niece Lexi's world was "shattered" by the election - she is one of thousands of children wondering if they...
Strong Mothers, Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers Need to Raise Extraordinary Men

Margaret J Meeker · Ballantine Books
Pages: 341
Format: Hardcover

Meg Meeker, M.D., acclaimed author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, now turns to an equally powerful relationship in the family: the one between mother and son. From the moment a mother holds her newborn son, his eyes tell her that she is his world. But often, as he grows up, the boy who needs...
The Warner Boys: Our Family's Story of Autism and Hope

Curt Warner · Little A
Format: Hardcover

An emotional, revealing memoir of one family's life in seclusion - and the love, strength, and faith it took to save it.Seahawks star running back Curt Warner and his wife, Ana, were prominent figures in Seattle in the early 1990s. When they dropped from the public eye after Curt's retirement,...
How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way, 2nd Edition

TIM SELDIN · DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
Pages: 208
Format: Paperback

"A practical parenting program to help build a calm and happy home life with your child, from birth through age six. This guide is based on Montessori school methods and packed with creative activities to help children discover more about their world as well as foster independence,...
A Parent's Guide to Teen Addiction: Professional Advice on Signs, Symptoms, What to Say, and How to Help

Laurence M. Westreich · Skyhorse Publishing
Pages: 192
Format: Hardcover

From Berkeley to the Bronx, teenage addiction has reached epidemic levels. Parents may suspect their teen's substance use, but often don't know if their teen is addicted or what to do about it. Dr. Laurence Westreich, an addiction expert and the father of two teenagers, helps parents...
Man vs. Baby: The Chaos and Comedy of Real-Life Parenting

MATT COYNE · Scribner
Pages: 272
Format: Paperback

From a "hero for dads everywhere" (Daily Mirror) , a hilarious, insightful, and heartfelt take on parenting based on a viral blog post that Ashton Kutcher called, "the best description of fatherhood I've ever read."One evening, while his three-month-old son Charlie...