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Blood Memory: The Tragic Decline and Improbable Resurrection of the American Buffalo

Dayton Duncan - Knopf
Format: Hardcover

The epic story of the buffalo in America, from prehistoric times to today - a moving and beautifully illustrated work of natural history. The American buffalo - our nation's official mammal - is an improbable, shaggy beast that has found itself at the center of many of our most mythic...
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The Hidden Language of Cats: How They Have Us at Meow

Sarah Brown PhD - Dutton
Format: Hardcover

Descended from shy, solitary North African wild cats, domestic cats set up homes with devoted owners all over the world by learning how to talk to us. This book translates - in case you missed anything.. A renowned cat behavior scientist of over thirty years, Dr. Sarah Brown has been at the forefront...
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Great Outdoors U.S.A.: 1,000 Adventures Across All 50 States

National Geographic - National Geographic
Format: Paperback

Discover the adventures located right in your own backyard! From exhilarating mountain biking trails and forest rope courses to easy day hikes and lake excursions, this comprehensive collection offers more than 1,000 exciting escapades to experience across the United States.. In this information-packed...
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