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National Egg Day is on June 3!

National Egg Day on June 3 finds eggs finally breaking out of their shell.

Eggs had some tough years as health experts fretted about the high cholesterol content. But after a revision of the American Heart Association’s guidelines in 2000, the health benefits of eggs seemed to outweigh the concerns. The AHA says healthy adults can enjoy an egg per day and easily remain within the daily cholesterol limit.

Also, a single egg has only 75 calories, which is great for those looking to lose weight. And the seven grams of protein in an average egg almost makes this a superfood with a great calorie-to-protein ratio. So those of us who are big fans of poached, scrambled, over easy, hard-boiled, fried, sunny-side-up, or soft-boiled eggs can feel free to use National Egg Day to utter that timeless phrase, “How do you want your eggs?” And it doesn’t matter if it’s 7am, 7pm, or somewhere in between.

Eggs are great to eat anytime … or any day, for that matter.


  1. Try eating a non-chicken egg

    Although Americans primarily eat chicken eggs, that’s not the case in all cultures. Pheasant, quail, goose, gull, and turkey eggs are all popular to eat around the world, offering a slightly different taste from chicken eggs. Consider trying duck eggs, which have more of an orange and blue tint to them. Do you need more food at breakfast? An emu egg is equal to about 12 chicken eggs, while an ostrich egg is equal to about 24 chicken eggs.

  2. Try a new recipe with eggs

    Don’t let National Egg Day slip away without cooking a new egg recipe. Consider trying an egg recipe from another culture, such as huevos Mexicana, oyakodon (from Japan), or the French "omelet au boudin de Nancy." (Every French recipe just naturally sounds great.)

  3. Emphasize eggs in your day’s activities

    Eggs aren’t just for eating on this day. Consider visiting the local zoo and see if you can learn more about birds and eggs in nature. Build a birdhouse with a transparent plastic back so you can see the eggs and the hatchlings as they develop. And because it’s June, consider playing Mythbusters at home and testing whether it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

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