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1 - The Only Good Indians

Stephen Graham Jones - Gallery / Saga Press

Seamlessly blending classic horror and a dramatic narrative with sharp social commentary, The Only Good Indians follows four American Indian men after a disturbing event from their youth puts them in a desperate struggle for their lives. Tracked by an entity bent on revenge, these childhood...
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2 - The Fourth Whore

EV Knight - Raw Dog Screaming Press

Kenzi Brooks watched The Scribble Man collect her brother's soul after a hit and run when she was seven. He gave her a present that day--a lucky rabbit's foot. Sixteen years later, she no longer believes in The Scribble Man, she believes in survival and does what she has to in the slums...
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3 - Mary Shelley Presents: Tales of the Supernatural

Nancy Holder - Kymera Press.

Mary Shelley Presents, written by the multiple award winning and NYT bestselling author Nancy Holder, introduces a new comic series from Kymera Press adapting short stories by Victorian era women horror writers. Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the publication of her novel Frankenstein,...
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4 - Clown in a Cornfield

Adam Cesare - HarperTeen

In Adam Cesare's terrifying young adult debut, Quinn Maybrook finds herself caught in a battle between old and new, tradition and progress - that just may cost her life.Quinn Maybrook and her father have moved to tiny, boring Kettle Springs, to find a fresh start. But what they don't...
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5 - Night of the Mannequins

Stephen Graham Jones -

Award-winning author Stephen Graham Jones returns with Night of the Mannequins, a contemporary horror story where a teen prank goes very wrong and all hell breaks loose: is there a supernatural cause, a psychopath on the loose, or both?Praise for Night of the Mannequins"Reading Stephen...
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6 - Grotesque: Monster Stories

Lee Murray - Independently published

Three-time Bram Stoker Award nominee (and with this book, now a winner!) Lee Murray delivers her debut collection, and it is monstrous. Inspired by the mythology of Europe, China, and her beloved Aotearoa-New Zealand, Murray twists and subverts ancient themes, stitching new creatures...
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7 - A Collection of Dreamscapes

Christina Sng - Raw Dog Screaming Press

A Collection of Dreamscapes by Christina Sng is an exploration of the darkness inside us, the shadow-self that screams and begs, forever fighting to claw itself out. It's a siren song of transformation, an uncovered diary that bleeds fairy tales and dystopias, and it reads like a grimoire...
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8 - Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women

Nadia Bulkin

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9 - Writing in the Dark

Tim Waggoner - Guide Dog Books

In this comprehensive textbook devoted to the craft of writing horror fiction, award-winning author Tim Waggoner draws on thirty years' experience as a writer and teacher. Writing in the Dark offers advice, guidance, and insights on how to compose horror stories and novels that are original,...
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