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1 - Carey Price: How a First Nations kid became a superstar goaltender

Catherine Rondina - James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Publishers

Twenty years ago, Carey Price was flying 319 kilometres across British Columbia in his father's plane so he could play on the nearest organized hockey team. Today, he is the highest-paid goalie in the NHL. But he's never forgotten where he started.The son of an NHL draftee and the chief...
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2 - Biometrics: Your Body and the Science of Security

Maria Birmingham - Owlkids

Biometrics -- the science of using the body to identify a person -- is everywhere, not just in science fiction, but in everyday life. Today, biometrics is on the cutting edge of security. It's used for access into banks and airports, as well as to keep money and personal information...
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3 - Broken Pieces: An Orphan of the Halifax Explosion

Allison Lawlor - Nimbus Publishing

On December 6, 1917, the French munitions ship Mont Blanc collided with the Belgian relief vessel Imo in the Halifax Harbour. The sparks from the collision caused the Mont Blanc's explosive cargo to blow up, flattening homes and businesses and triggering a tsunami. Amid the devastation...
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4 - A Fair Deal: Shopping for Social Justice

Kari Jones - Orca Book Publishers

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5 - New Hands, New Life: Robots, Prostheses and Innovation

Alex Mihailidis - Firefly Books

Everyone uses machines in our daily life -- cars, buses and bikes; computers and phones; washing machines and dryers. Another type of machine is an "assistive technology". These enable a man missing a leg to walk, a woman missing an arm to hold objects, and a child in a wheelchair...
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6 - The Triumphant Tale of the House Sparrow

JAN THORNHILL - Groundwood Books

Behold the most despised bird in human history!So begins Jan Thornhill's riveting, beautifully illustrated story of the House Sparrow. She traces the history of this perky little bird, one of the most adaptable creatures on Earth, from its beginnings in the Middle East to its spread...
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