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1 - Chase

Linwood Barclay - Puffin Canada

The Incredible Journey meets Gordon Korman's On the Run in this exciting middle-grade thriller. Chipper is a very special dog. He's part of a multi-million dollar experiment at a secret organization known only as The Institute. The Institute has been experimenting with dogs, melding...
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2 - The Mucus Mayhem (The Almost Epic Squad)

Kevin Sylvester - Scholastic Canada

In this hilarious, new series, four ordinary kids are about to learn that they are on deck. . . to save the world! Jessica Flem has spent the better part of her life so far reacting allergically to everything -- and much of it in her basement where she rules the online game Gang of Greats....
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3 - Ebb and Flow

Heather Smith - Kids Can Press

One summer,after a long plane rideand a rotten bad yearI went to Grandma Jo's.It was my mother's idea.Jett, what you need is a change of scenery.I think she needed a change of scenery, too.One without me.Because that rotten bad year?That was my fault.Thus begins the poignant story,...
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4 - Elephant Secret

Eric Walters - Puffin Canada

We Bought a Zoo meets Jurassic Park in a gripping story set in an elephant sanctuary, featuring the perennial appeal of human-animal friendships.Samantha (Sam) lives at the elephant sanctuary her dad runs and views the elephants there as much a part of her family as her single dad is. When...
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5 - Falcon Wild

Terry Lynn Johnson - Charlesbridge

An action-packed, contemporary novel about surviving in the wilderness.Thirteen-year-old Karma is desperate to become a certified falconer. At her dad's bird education center, she helps give demonstrations to guests and can fly the birds. But when her favorite rescued falcon, Stark, hurts...
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6 - Holly Farb and the Princess of the Galaxy

Gareth Wronski - Aladdin

Guardians of the Galaxy meets Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in this laugh-out-loud funny journey into space and beyond!Holly Farb is not the Princess of the Galaxy. She may be top of the class in every subject, but she can't even win a school election, never mind rule the Milky...
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7 - Missing Mike

SHARI GREEN - Pajama Press

He's a rescue, a rust-colored mutt. Maybe there's a little retriever in him, although he's not exactly pretty. He's had a run-in with coyotes and he's missing an eye. But Mike is almost-eleven-year-old Cara Donovan's dog, and they love each other absolutely. Usually...
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8 - Sit

Deborah Ellis - Groundwood Books

The seated child. With a single powerful image, Deborah Ellis draws our attention to nine children and the situations they find themselves in, often through no fault of their own. In each story, a child makes a decision and takes action, be that a tiny gesture or a life-altering choice.Jafar...
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9 - The Train of Lost Things

Ammi-Joan Paquette - Philomel Books

A magical story about a boy's love for his dying father and his journey to the mythic Train of Lost Things, where beloved lost objects are rescued and protected until they can be returned. Perfect for fans of The Phantom Tollbooth, The Bridge to Terabithia, and Lost in the Sun.Marty...
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