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1 - The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music

Dave Grohl · Dey Street Books

So, I've written a book. Having entertained the idea for years, and even offered a few questionable opportunities ("It's a piece of cake! Just do 4 hours of interviews, find someone else to write it, put your face on the cover, and voila!") I have decided to write these...
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2 - Peril

Bob Woodward · ‎Simon & Schuster

Peril is the extraordinary story of the end of one presidency and the beginning of another, and represents the culmination of Bob Woodward’s news-making trilogy on the Trump presidency, along with Fear and Rage. And it is the beginning of a collaboration with fellow Washington Post reporter...
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3 - Taste: My Life Through Food

Stanley Tucci · Gallery Books

Stanley Tucci grew up in an Italian American family that spent every night around the kitchen table. He shared the magic of those meals with us in The Tucci Cookbook and The Tucci Table, and now he takes us beyond the savory recipes and into the compelling stories behind them.​ Taste...
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4 - I'll Take Your Questions Now

Evan Hollings · ‎Harper

Stephanie Grisham rose from being a junior press wrangler on the Trump campaign in 2016 to assuming top positions in the administration as White House press secretary and communications director, while at the same time acting as First Lady Melania Trump’s communications director...

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5 - Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty

Anderson Cooper · Harper

CNN anchor and New York Times bestselling author Anderson Cooper teams with New York Times bestselling historian and novelist Katherine Howe to chronicle the rise and fall of a legendary American dynasty - his mother's family, the Vanderbilts.Few names are as synonymous with wealth...
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6 - American Marxism

Mark R. Levin · Threshold Editions

In 2009, Mark R. Levin galvanized conservatives with his unforgettable manifesto Liberty and Tyranny, by providing a philosophical, historical, and practical framework for halting the liberal assault on Constitution-based values. That book was about standing at the precipice of progressivism's...
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7 - The Dying Citizen: How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America

Victor Davis Hanson · ‎Basic Books

Human history is full of the stories of peasants, subjects, and tribes. Yet the concept of the "citizen" is historically rare - and was among America's most valued ideals for over two centuries. But without shock treatment, warns historian Victor Davis Hanson, American citizenship...
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8 - A Carnival of Snackery: Diaries

David Sedaris · Little, Brown and Company

In this follow-up to his previous volume of diaries, Theft by Finding, the award-winning humorist chronicles the years 2003-2020, charting the years of his rise to fame with his trademark misanthropic charm and wry wit.

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9 - There Is Nothing for You Here: Finding Opportunity in the Twenty-First Century

Fiona Hill · Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Growing up in England's coal-mining country, Fiona Hill knew that she was in a forgotten place. The last of the local mines had closed, businesses were shuttering, and despair was etched in the faces around her. Her father told her to get out - to go to London, or Europe, or America....
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10 - A Confederacy of Dumptys: Portraits of American Scoundrels in Verse

John Lithgow · ‎Chronicle Prism

Following the success of New York Times bestsellers Dumpty and Trumpty Dumpty Wanted a Crown, award-winning actor, author, and illustrator John Lithgow presents the third book in his runaway hit series. A Confederacy of Dumptys takes us through a history of twenty-five "American Scoundrels"...
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11 - Bourdain: The Definitive Oral Biography

Laurie Woolever · ‎Ecco

An unprecedented behind-the-scenes view into the life of Anthony Bourdain from the people who knew him best When Anthony Bourdain died in June 2018, fans around the globe came together to celebrate the life of an inimitable man who had dedicated his life to traveling nearly everywhere (and...
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12 - A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century: Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life

Heather Heying

We are living through the most prosperous age in all of human history, yet people are more listless, divided and miserable than ever. Wealth and comfort are unparalleled, and yet our political landscape grows ever more toxic, and rates of suicide, loneliness, and chronic illness continue...
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13 - What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing

Oprah Winfrey · Flatiron Books

Through deeply personal conversation, Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Perry explore how what happens to us in early childhood influences the people we become.  They challenge us to shift from focusing on, "What's wrong with you?" or "Why are you behaving that way?,"...

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14 - The Baseball 100

Joe Posnanski · ‎Avid Reader Press / Simon & Schuster

An instant classic of baseball literature and a must-read for any fan, The Baseball 100 is a one-of-a-kind work by award-winning sportswriter and lifelong student of the game Joe Posnanski that tells the story of the sport through the remarkable lives of its 100 greatest players. In the book's...
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15 - Unrequited Infatuations: A Memoir

Stevie Van Zandt · ‎Hachette Books

What story begins in a bedroom in suburban New Jersey in the early '60s, unfolds on some of the country's largest stages, and then ranges across the globe, demonstrating over and over again how Rock and Roll has the power to change the world for the better? This story. The first...
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