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Poor Your Soul

Mira Ptacin · Soho Press, Inc.
Pages: 311
Format: Print book

Poor Your Soul - moving, wise, and passionately written - is a beautiful reflection on sexuality, free will, and the fierce bonds of family.At twenty-eight, Mira Ptacin discovered she was pregnant. Though it was unplanned, she embraced the idea of starting a family and became engaged to Andrew,...
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Murder in Battle Creek: The Mysterious Death of Daisy Zick

Blaine L. Pardoe · The History Press
Format: Paperback

On a bitterly cold morning in January 1963, Daisy Zick was brutally murdered in her Battle Creek home. No fewer than three witnesses caught a glimpse of the killer, yet today, it remains one of Michigan's most sensational unsolved crimes. The act of pure savagery rocked not only the community...
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Murder of Maggie Hume, The:: Cold Case in Battle Creek

Victoria Hester · The History Press
Format: Book

On August 16, 1982, an unidentified attacker brutalized and strangled Maggie Hume at her apartment in Battle Creek, Michigan. The daughter of a beloved local football coach, her seemingly senseless murder sparked intense scrutiny that lingers today. Award-winning author Blaine Pardoe and his daughter,...
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The Original Battle Creek Crime King: Adam "Pump" Arnold's Vile Reign

Blaine Pardoe · History Press
Pages: 176
Format: Print book

Adam "Pump" Arnold was both feared and regaled in Victorian- era Battle Creek. He was a bootlegger and a pimp, a robber and a con artist, an arsonist and a loan shark and even an assassin. Arnold faced off with the city over illegal liquor sales and flaunted his victory with a life-size...
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Battle Creek

Kurt Thornton · Arcadia Publishing
Format: Book

In the 1960s, Battle Creek was a successful industrial town known around the world as the Cereal City due to the areas largest employers, the ready-to-eat breakfast food companies of Ralston Foods, the Kellogg Company, and the Post division of General Foods. As these long-established businesses...
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