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Kenna's in the crosshairs of a serial murderer.. Or is she?. Does it count as avoiding Jax's mother if Kenna spent the winter in Wisconsin on a case instead of visiting her sort-of-boyfriend in San Diego?Kenna is still wrestling with the question weeks later. She uncovers a cold case suspect and the answer to decades old questions, all with the help of her new trusty sidekick. What starts as a convenient place to park her RV out of the snow gifts Kenna with a new ally, and weeks spent in this northern peninsula community brings yet more friendships she isn't expecting.. The truth will out if she has anything to do with it.. Kenna discovers the location of a mass grave site and is co-opted into helping the local sheriff with a covert mission. Everyone seems to have their own motive - even the guy she's falling for.

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Lisa Phillips

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