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Three-time Bram Stoker Award nominee (and with this book, now a winner!) Lee Murray delivers her debut collection, and it is monstrous. Inspired by the mythology of Europe, China, and her beloved Aotearoa-New Zealand, Murray twists and subverts ancient themes, stitching new creatures from blood and bone, hiding them in soft forest mists and dark subterranean prisons.In this volume, construction workers uncover a hidden tunnel; soldiers wander, lost after a skirmish; and a dead girl yearns for company. Featuring eleven uncanny tales of automatons, zombies, golems, and dragons, and the Taine McKenna adventure Into the Clouded Sky, Lee Murray's Grotesque: Monster Stories breathes new life into the monster genre.11 short stories from the imagination of New Zealand's multiple award-winning author and editor Lee Murray! With a foreword by USA Today bestselling author David Wood, the book has already received outstanding praise and reviews, including the following:-"With Grotesque: Monster Stories, Lee Murray proves she is a first-rate talent! These stories are fascinating, unexpected, and scary as hell!" - Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Rage and V-Wars.

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