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Welcome to the summer of 1985 in Philadelphia, when the city was rocked - in almost every sense of the word - by two unprecedented events: Mayor W. Wilson Goode's May 13 decision to bomb the headquarters of MOVE, a controversial Philadelphia-based radical communal organization, and the July 13 Live Aid concert, where international rock royalty convened in Philly to raise money for victims of the Ethiopian famine. Separated by just two months and eight miles, these events would showcase both the best and the worst of the so-called City of Brotherly Love: One would raise millions of dollars for famine victims in Africa, while the other would lead to the death of 11 members of MOVE, including five children, who had all taken the last name of their leader, John Africa.

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Chris Morrow

Chris Morrow's ability to take common horror themes and to weave them into something unique and memorable has earned him a reputation as an up and coming writer of the macabre. He lives in Southwest Missouri.

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