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One cold winter morning Little Mouse ventures out in search of enough firewood to heat his nest. But when he tries to drag his pile home, he realizes everything he's gathered is much too heavy for him. Maybe his friends can help out, but they'd better hurry, because there's a blizzard on the way. If they can find a way to work together and keep each other safe, maybe they can all have the warm winter they've been hoping for. This beautifully illustrated picture book shows the power of friendship, persistence-and a little luck-to make our dreams come true. This is a winter story that will warm your heart.

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Feridun Oral

1961 y?l?nda K?r?kkale`de do?du. 1985 y?l?nda Marmara Üniversitesi, Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi`nden mezun olan sanatç?n?n resim ve illüstrasyonlar? 1986 y?l?ndan bu yana yurtiçi ve yurt d???ndaki bir çok sergi ve bienallerde sergilenmi?tir. 1993 y?l?nda Unesco taraf?ndan Tokyo`da düzenlenen Noma-Concour yar??mas?nda yaz?p resimledi?i "Ormandaki Ses" adl? kitab?yla Runners-Up odülü, 2001 y?l?nda da Avrupal? illüstratorler Bienali`nde "Dü? Kedileri" adl? çal??mas?yla onur odülü olan sanatç?n?n yaz?p resimledi?i çocuk kitaplar? yurtiçi ve yurtd???nda çe?itli yay?nevleri taraf?ndan yay?nlanm??t?r. Resimlerindeki ironik dünyas?n? seramik tasar?mlar?na da aktaran Feridun Oral çal??malar?n? ?stanbul`daki atelyesinde sürdürmektedir. eng:Ferudun Oral was born in 1961. He graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts in 1985. His paintings and illustrations have been exhibited in various exhibitions and biannuals both in Turkey and abroad since 1986. He obtained the Runner-up prize in Noma-Concour Comp. UNESCO in 1993. He was also awarded by the honour prize in European Illustrators Biannual. His children books have been published by various publishing houses both in Turkey and abroad. "Irony" is one of the most important aspects of his paintings and ceramic designs. He is continuing his work in Istanbul.

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