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DO YOU FEEL THAT ... THE MORE CHINESE CHARACTERS YOU LEARN, THE MORE CONFUSED YOU GET? LEARN CHINESE CHARACTERS AND THEIR STROKE ORDER QUICKLY I have learnt so many characters but it is difficult to squeeze everything into my memory. * Are there easier ways to remember these characters' appearances? * How to find patterns in Chinese characters? * Can Chinese characters be formed, similarly like English words, using 'alphabets'? * How to remember the stroke order of Chinese characters quickly? DECLUTTER AND GET ORGANISED Learn 32 Stroke Patterns and remember 200 qTRAILS Alphabets Easily Build a Mental Map of Chinese Characters Expand your Memory Capacity and Speed up Learning VISUAL LEARNING Learn the Stroke Order of Chinese Alphabets through Colours What-You-See-Is-What-You-Name: Easy way to remember Chinese Alphabets DESIGNED FOR ANYONE--WITH OR WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEDGE OF CHINESE You'll love this book if you like to be engaged through a variety of activities (visually, kinesthetically, aurally) Website: http: //www.

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