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Tom and Jerry Tales, Vol 1: With Tom and Jerry Tales Vol.1, you can enjoy their most catfighting, roughmousing adventures over and over again! Through 12 cartoon capers full of fur-flying, fun-packing chases and calamities, Tom and Jerry are still ever-determined to beat each other to the punch... no matter what it takes! And you'll laugh just as long and loud at their outrageous antics as legions of fans have for decades. Tom and Jerry Paws for a Holiday: Join Tom and Jerry for the thrill of the chase, with a few winter chills tossed in, as they dash through the snow- headed straight for laughs. Skate through the classic battle of wits in these classics filled with purrfect comic timing and side-splitting sight gags! Tom and Jerry: Santa's Little Helpers: It's going to be a wild winter with your favorite cat and mouse as Tom and Jerry return in this collection of their most wonderful wintertime hits! Includes the holiday special, Tom and Jerry: Santa's Little Helpers, plus The Abominable Snowmouse, Snow Brawl, Polar Peril and so much more. Gather the family for a wonderland of fun! Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale: In an empty opera house Jerry wishes for a change to perform and magically his dream comes true. The little mouse is whisked away to an enchanted kingdom where anything is possible! Jerry has a great time with his new friends, and is as happy as happy can be when he is dancing with a music box ballerina. Unfortunately, alley cats led by Tom crash Jerry's party, kidnap the music box ballerina and wreak havoc in the holiday kingdom. It's up to Jerry and his newfound friends to save the day!

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