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The 73 recipes showcased in Zen Vegan Food are incredibly beautiful and tasty, while also being nutritious, sustainable and ethically responsible. Color photos show the finished dishes, while comprehensive information on Japanese ingredients like seaweed, miso and tofu helps home cooks with shopping and preparation.28 recipes for vegan congee - the traditional Asian rice porridge dish that is taking the West by storm. These include Congee with Eggplant and Ginger, Soymilk Congee and Congee with Saffron and ChestnutsA chapter on Japanese-Italian dishes with recipes such as Grilled Turnips with Mustard and Olive Sauce, Spaghetti with Pesto and Shiitake and Mushroom Risotto with Nori SeaweedDelicious condiments and starters to brighten up any meal, such as Mushroom Miso Paste and Crunchy Kombu ChipsThough we may not typically associate Buddhist monasteries with trendy chefs and temple cafes, a young generation of priests, like Iinuma, are ushering in a new era - one which emphasizes openness and a reconnection to the natural world.

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