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This handy Japanese phrasebook and pocket dictionary is designed for people who want to learn Japanese quickly and don't have a lot of time to study.It is designed by an experienced language teacher to be useful and easy to use. Even if you have just a few minutes a day - while sitting on a train or subway, waiting for a bus, or spending time with your friends - you can open the book and learn a few useful phrases that you'll use over and over again during your stay in Japan. This completely revised edition features hundreds of new phrases and manga illustrations which give context to the vocabulary and expressions. it is divided into twenty-two easy chapters, each one covering a specific topic or situation that you will encounter while traveling in Japan.

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Taeko Kamiya

Taeko Kamiya is a internationally recognized linguist, teacher and author. She studied at Doshisha Women's College (Kyoto) before receiving Masters degrees from the University of San Francisco in education and from Monterey Institute of International Studies in linguistics. She taught Japanese for twenty-five years at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, and has written several critically acclaimed books about the Japanese Language.

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