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* A new volume that teaches kids how to build some of the most fascinating and extraordinary record-breaking vehicles ever, out of bricks from their home collections* The latest title from bestselling LEGO® innovator, Joachim Klang* Complex projects and simple instructions make this a must-have for LEGO® enthusiasts of all ages There's no stopping him: Joachim Klang, bestselling author of more than eleven titles on building with LEGO® bricks, is as enthusiastic and inventive as ever! He has thought up lots of stunning and exciting new projects over the years, which can be built with bricks from your own home collection. This new volume features the most fascinating and extraordinary record-breaking vehicles ever created - not just cars, but also ships and airplanes from well-known TV shows and movies.

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Joachim Klang

Approximately one third of my life was more or less LEGO®-free, until one day - long before the official LEGO® Star Wars sets - someone had the idea to build LEGO® vehicles, space ships etc. from the Star Wars movies. I was immediately excited by that idea. I got the necessary LEGO® bricks and built an AT-AT walker, into which the usual LEGO® figures were supposed to fit. I posted photos of my AT-AT walker on the internet to share my enthusiasm with others. Brilliant feedback encouraged me to further engage with LEGO® and build other models; 1000steine.de even selected my walker as the Model of the Month in 2002.

To start, I built a Sandcrawler with the help of El-Lutzo, then later an open air stage of the Village People together with a musician and friend, Freddy Stürze. For an exhibition in Berlin (TSL) , I built another dream project, the Death Star hangar with over 400 figures, and finally, with support from misterzumbi's love for detail, the Empire State Building that covered an area of approximately 3 square meters and was about 3.5 meters tall. We have varied the arrangement of the buildings for every exhibition since then; first, we had them in the 1930s arrangement, and later, in that of the 1970s. It includes a police car that was meant to become the special model of the TSL in 2007. El-Lutzo took part in this as well and created the construction manual. My passion for small vehicles has not dwindled since.

You can find me on the internet under the nicks derjoe and Unimoc, my real name, and, of course, also at my company address Joerilla.de

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