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A novel about friendship, feminism, and the knotty complications of tradition and privilege, perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli and Stephanie Perkins.Jemima Kincaid is a feminist, and she thinks you should be one, too. Her private school is laden with problematic traditions, but the worst of all is prom. The guys have all the agency; the girls have to wait around for "promposals" (she's speaking heteronormatively because only the hetero kids even go) . In Jemima's (very opinionated) opinion, it's positively medieval.Then Jemima is named to Senior Triumvirate, alongside superstar athlete Andy and popular, manicured Gennifer, and the three must organize prom. Inspired by her feminist ideals and her desire to make a mark on the school, Jemima proposes a new structure.

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Kate Hattemer

Hello, and thanks for visiting my Amazon page!My name's Kate Hattemer, and I'm the author of the YA novels THE VIGILANTE POETS OF SELWYN ACADEMY and THE LAND OF 10,000 MADONNAS. My debut MG novel, HERE COMES TROUBLE, is forthcoming from Knopf this spring.When I'm not writing, I'm probably reading. My favorite authors (in no order whatsoever) include Roald Dahl, Anne Tyler, Richard Russo, Ann Patchett, Katherine Heiny, Curtis Sittenfeld, Jhumpa Lahiri, Zadie Smith, Sophie Kinsella, Ovid, Catullus, L.M. Montgomery, Dodie Smith, and J.K. Rowling.I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, earned a Classics degree at Yale University, and now live near Washington, D.C., where I teach high school Latin. I love teaching, languages, and teenagers, so my job is a lot of fun. Plus, I get to coach, aka play, several varieties of nerdy, buzzer-based, trivia games. Yesss.I also enjoy running, biking, hiking, four square, wiffle ball home run derby, etc.: basically anything that involves moving while outside! I'm currently shredding my fingertips as I try to teach myself to play acoustic guitar. I dislike cats, mushrooms, and cynicism (though I love sarcasm) (...or do I? ) .Check out my author website (www.katehattemer.com) or my Instagram (@katthatt) to get in touch and find out more about me and my books!

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