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Here is the oh-so-hilarious and adorable story of a blended family-- using just a few words in various configurations-- from the pets' point-of-view!Cat and Dog live with their human in a suburban house with a big backyard. Sure, they fight like.... well, cats and dogs, but they're used to one another. Dog-- a different dog-- lives a happy only child life in the city with his dad. He has the bed to himself, he never has to share his toys, and that's the way he likes it. So what happens when the Dog's dad and Cat and Dog's mom move in together? Well, it's chaotic. There's not enough room on the bed, for starters. But as the seasons pass, the three animals become a trio and learn to (mostly) love one another. Just as they're settling into a cozy life as a threesome, along comes.

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Nelly Buchet

Last seen on HBO's Big Little Lies, Nelly Buchet is an actor and author. She created a nonprofit project that distributes books to refugee children in orphanages and has taught nonviolent conflict resolution in schools. Born and raised in Paris, she lives in Brooklyn where she spends her free time watching other people's dogs play.

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