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There's very little that's conventional about Kamala Harris, and yet her personal story also represents the best of America. She grew up the eldest daughter of a single mother, a no-nonsense cancer researcher who emigrated from India at the age of nineteen in search of a better education. She and her husband, an accomplished economist from Jamaica, split up when Kamala was only five. The Kamala Harris the public knows today is tough, smart, quick-witted, and demanding. She's a prosecutor - her one-liners are legendary - but she's more reticent when it comes to sharing much about herself, even in her memoirs. Fortunately, longtime Los Angeles Times reporter Dan Morain has been there from the start. In Kamala's Way, he charts her career from its beginnings handling child molestation cases and homicides for the Alameda County District Attorney's office and her relationship as a twenty-nine-year-old with the most powerful man in the state: married Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, a relationship that would prove life-changing.

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Dan Morain

Dan Morain has been a journalist in California for more than 40 years, focusing on state policy, politics and justice-related issues. He was a reporter for the Los Angeles Times for 27 years and was a columnist and editorial page editor of the Sacramento Bee. He wrote his first story about Kamala Harris in 1994 when he was a Sacramento-based reporter for the Los Angeles Times, and covered her 2010 run for California attorney general and her tenure in that position and as U.S. senator.

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