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Vivian Maier, the photographer nanny whose work was famously discovered in a Chicago storage locker, captured the imagination of the world with her masterful images and mysterious life. Before posthumously skyrocketing to global fame, she had so deeply buried her past that even the families she lived with knew little about her. No one could relay where she was born or raised, if she had parents or siblings, if she enjoyed personal relationships, why she took photographs and why she didn't share them with others. Now, in this definitive biography, Ann Marks uses her complete access to Vivian's personal records and archive of 140,000 photographs to reveal the full story of her extraordinary life. Based on meticulous investigative research, Vivian Maier Developed reveals the story of a woman who fled from a family with a hidden history of illegitimacy, bigamy, parental rejection, substance abuse, violence, and mental illness to live life on her own terms.

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Ann Marks

Author Ann Marks is a retired New York business executive with a passion for genealogical research and mystery, who became inspired to unlock the background and family history of photographer Vivian Maier. Marks has studied over 140,000 of Maier's images in search of biographical clues and insight into the photographer. Her findings have been used to inform a deeper understanding of both the artist and her work.

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