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Too much stuff. Too many activities. Too much exhaustion. Too much stress. How can we sift through the busyness, the mess, and the stress to uncover the abundant life God offers? In Uncluttered, one woman shares her journey from a life of stress, stuff, and burnout to one of peace, space, and fulfillment. You'll learn tips for paring down your possessions, simplifying your schedule, and practicing the ancient art of Sabbath. Uncluttered is not a formula about what "stuff" you need to give up. It's about slowing down long enough for God to remind you of his truth and what it means to be his child. With humor, wit, and wisdom, Courtney Ellis covers topics like: Stuff: Why more is not always better Technology: How to 'turn off' Schedule: How to say no The Secret of Simplicity Sabbath: Receiving the gift of rest Uncluttered Kids: Simple, soulful parenting Uncluttered ushers you towards a lifestyle of holiness and joy in the Lord.

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